Emerald Ash Borer

For those outside the Midwest, the emerald ash borer is the latest threat to a specific tree that could wipe out large swaths of Eastern Hardwoods. Many cities in Michigan have responded by cutting down many of the trees solely because they are within the infestation zone, without treatment. Imidacloprid is the recommended insecticide, applied by drenching the soil immediately around the trunk. Grosse Point Woods has apparently started injecting it directly. Anyone here having any experience with it? As someone with experience monitoring the spread of various chemicals in the soil and groundwater, I’m always a little leery about the toxic solution.

Sorry, I suppose there’s a question in there somewhere, on the topic of invasive species, specifically emerald ash borers, and how to stop their spread.

Here’s one (perhaps more GD than GQ)-
What’s worse, using another exotic species (a parasitic wasp in this case) or toxic chemicals (one linked to colony collapse disorder)?