Emergency Broadcast System

I read the article about the EBS with great interest.

The only time that I have heard the EBS signal when it was not a test was during the 1992 riots in Los Angeles. Basically the purpose for the message was to give curfew information that was imposed at the time.

Nowadays you get a verbal message announcing the test and a few strange sounding tones. The whole thing is over in about 15 seconds. Also there is no verbal message following the tone saying, “if this had been an actual emergency…”.

…and the link to the column is: What happened to the emergency broadcast system?

Please, if the first poster opening a topic would post the link, it would help others to read the Mailbag item before responding.

you hear it all the time, probably just don’t notice. you know how when you’re watching your favorite program, and there’s a thunderstorm coming, that annoying beep is what they were testing.

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I have read that the Nixon administration considered regulations which would allow them to turn on all TVs in the event of an emergency, but decided against it as too Orwellian. Apparently such issues are no longer of concern.