Emergency Declared For The DC Area

Just wanted to let you all know, Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a state of emergency for the DC area just now.

I’ve gotten canned goods, bottled water, flashlights, a full gas tank, and the most important of them all…BOOZE. :smiley:

Here’s the declaration: https://www.nbcwashington.com/weather/stories/DC-Mayor-Declares-State-of-Emergency-Ahead-of-Hurricane-Florence-492954621.html

I’m tempted to say, “Hit it.”

Be safe.

I thought you lived across the river, which is like 45 miles away as far as the average Washingtonian is concerned?

Nope - about ten miles. I can drive to DC and back in about half an hour, given normal traffic. So, DC’s weather reports apply here, too.

So you ARE across the river, and about 45 miles away as far as the average Washingtonian is concerned?

I’m across the river, too. The Anacostia River.

Going to Philadelphia on Saturday to see Willie Nelson, assuming the show is still a go. Fingers crossed we come home to a dry (interior) house on Sunday.

You probably will. Philly will be completely spared the hurricane, and all we’re gonna get here in the DC area is heavy rain / wind. So don’t worry.

Lucky you. Off to see Willie. Would love to see him live.

Should be high and dry.


Remember that time when Trump defied wisdom and reason, and gazed at the solar eclipse? Would it be so tragically out of character for him to be standing on the roof of the White House, shrieking into the hurricane, “The rain god’s a pussy!”?

Just think if the wind picked up a great white shark from the ocean & it landed on him…mouth first.
Or is that too far fetched for even a Syfy movie?

Why are they doing that? By all accounts, Florence is going to make landfall somewhere in the vicinity of Wilmington, NC, and according to the NWS, is only supposed to get 3-4" of rain.


This is the kind of stuff that makes people disregard this kind of thing in the future when it turns out to be not a big deal in DC.

Just trying to stay prepared. As recently as yesterday morning, the storm was expected to make landfall further north, which would park the outer portions of the storm right over the city. Since then, it turns out the storm’s path has brought it to land further south, so now we’re just looking at a couple of inches of rain over the weekend. There’s still probably going to be some flooding around the area in places because it’s been rainy for a while already, but not the massive deluge they were preparing for.

There’s also the predicted turn to the north and east of the remnants which could bring us a lot of rain early next week. As saturated is the ground is, there’s a real potential for flooding.

We’ve already had closed roads due to flooding this week. If the storm brings lots more water we’ll be in jeopardy.

“State of Emergency” in DC sets in motion all kinds of changes in local laws and services. From parking on certain streets to construction permitting, to the City employee’s leave policy, it catalyses preparations and makes people and equipment available.

And regardless, the devastation down the coast will have an effect here. Grocery stores may not get deliveries for a few days. Tons of garbage and chemicals will get washed into the water system. All kinds of disruptions are likely without any buildings getting knocked down.

And in falling on him the shark is cut in half by the razor sharp bill of Trump’s M.A.G.A hat. Film would have to be called The MAGA.

Downtown DC sits on a spit of land between the Potomoc River estuary and the Chesapeake Bay. Alexandria is on the west bank of the Potomoc. The whole area (parts of which are built on the tidal plane) is vulnerable to even small increases in flooding.

In 1933, there was a hurricane similar to Florence, a category 4 called the Chesapeake - Potomac hurricane.

It, too landed in the Outer Banks and then travelled up the coast, right up the Chesapeake Bay, where DC sits.

DC might not see much rain, but storm surge along the many rivers in the area, and winds affecting the tidal surge can still cause real havoc.

St. Mary’s College of MD, which is in the southern part of the county, has closed as of noon today as a precaution. Considering it’s right on the water and the chance of really high tides is pretty good, it’s probably a wise decision. MD 5, which passes right thru the campus, is just a few feet above normal water level. It could be under water easily.

No word from the public schools yet…

Bowser cancelled the state of emergency, alert the suburbanites.

Not Magalodon?

A friend once rode out a hurricane and he and his friends had a great time of it.

So, either a disaster or a party waiting to happen. Here’s hoping it is a party for you.

Best of luck to you!