Emergency Information Card

So I’m making a card I can put in my wallet that has contact info and such in case I’m ever in an accident. I have some family members phone numbers, my DOB, blood type, doctor’s name and phone number, any drugs I take or conditions I have, etc. What I’d like to do is say that under no circumstances should they “pull the plug” on me. Somewhat like the opposite of a DNR order…I want them to always try to resuscitate me, and keep me on life support as long as possible.

Is there a common term used to make such a request?

Any suggestions for other info I should put on the card?



I beleive wanting to continue to live is the default assumption. No need to spell it out. Unless you are from Jersey that is . . . :wink:

The term is ‘Full Code’. Please also include any drug allergies or if there are none ‘NKDA’ (No known drug allergies).

ETA: Don’t put ‘TIA’ on there… it means Transient Ischemic Attack to us medical types.

But what if my next of kin decides that I’m brain dead and they want to pull the plug. How can I make sure that it is known that my wishes go against that?


Thanks, USC. That’s what I was looking for.


In these cases your next of kin is your default medical decision maker. You can have a living will or advanced directive drawn up that specifies that you want to be kept alive via whatever means for forever if you want to.

Editted to Clarify: a medical information card that says ‘Full Code’ means to me that when you come to the ER I’m going to do everything I can to keep you alive. However, if 3 months down the road you’re languishing in the ICU somewhere with a tube in every orrifice (and I mean EVERY), and your family decides to pull the plug that little card ain’t gonna mean diddly. It will have to be a legal document. Even then, it’s likely that they’ll still be able to pull the plug.


You need a living will, which will require lawyering. But not a whole lot, I think. They can’t necessarily force relatives to pay for you to continue living, as it were, but whatever assets (as far as I know) you had at time of death could be committed to your staying alive.


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This website on New Jersey Advance Health Care Directives has a wallet card (.pdf link at bottom of page). The form notes that you have an advance directive and gives contact information for people who would have information about it.


But isn’t the hospital required to pay for it, if they take Medicare?

My card says that if I die, I want to be buried in the Pet Sematary.