Eminem has been killed

Is this for real?


(you may need to copy and paste that link)


the @… in the address redirects you to another site.

I would think that there would be much more publicity if Eminem had died.

The only news story on mtv.com’s site pertaining to Eminem has to do with his reconciliation with his wife.

And why would he drive a Saturn?

Not to mention if Eminem had died, it would be the biggest news story in this county, considering that he lives just a few miles from my house. It would be all over the Detroit News/Detroit Free Press web site. The only story in the paper about him is that he and his wife have decided to reconcile.

For shits and giggles, I did a tracert on the IP address in the URL:, and got this:


Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

  1    60 ms    50 ms    50 ms
  2    50 ms    51 ms    50 ms  main1-249-121.iad.above.net []
  3    50 ms    50 ms    50 ms  core1-main1-1.iad.above.net []
  4   120 ms   120 ms   120 ms  sjc2-iad-oc48-1.sjc2.above.net []
  5   110 ms   110 ms   120 ms  core1.pao-core3.sjc2-oc12.pao.above.net []
  6   130 ms   120 ms   120 ms  core2-core1.pao.above.net []
  7   121 ms   130 ms   130 ms  so-2-1-0.br2.pao2.gblx.net []
  8   121 ms   130 ms   130 ms  so1-0-0-622M.cr1.pao2.gblx.net []
  9   121 ms   130 ms   130 ms
 10   150 ms   241 ms   250 ms  so0-0-0-2488M.wr2.SNV2.gblx.net []
 11   160 ms   160 ms   160 ms  pos7-0-2488M.wr2.kcy1.gblx.net []
 12   170 ms   170 ms   171 ms  pos2-0-2488M.wr2.DAL1.gblx.net []
 13   170 ms   171 ms   170 ms  pos1-0-622M.cr1.DAL1.gblx.net []
 14   210 ms   171 ms   180 ms  pos0-0-0-155M.ar1.DAL1.gblx.net []
 15   131 ms   130 ms   490 ms  CI-DFW-GC.s4-0-1.ar1.DAL1.gblx.net []
 16   140 ms   140 ms   131 ms

Trace complete.


No…he’s far too hot to die.


and I’m sure MTVs land sharks would LOVE to go over the notion of copyright infringment with the morons who put this up .


I think the site linked to in the OP may be a hoax. I went there, and couldn’t navigate back to the MTV site from any link on it. If I went through mtv.com and to the news page there, I could navigate using all links. And no site on mtv.com is re-directed using an @ sign.

Besides, for a story that old, no other media outlet had a story on it. That is surprising, considering a celebrity of his magnitude.

If the story is legitimate, then please provide a cite other than the one above.


Sorry, there are two stories in the paper about him. The other one is that the Macomb County prosecutor has offered him a plea bargain in his felony case. If he pleads guilty to one of the felony charges, they will drop the other one. He is still looking at the possibility of some jail time though. The prosecutor said he was going to ask for at least the minimum sentence (6-9 months in jail) though.

Naw, he’s not talented enough to die, and thus join the order of Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplain, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrixx, et al. :wink:

(Forgive misspellings…in the middle of moving here and taking a “brain break”)

It appears MTV has been in touch with

The crash photo is @ http://teamdawghouse.net/mathers.jpg

An Eminem PR stunt? Or a mere prank by unknown web vandals?

According to this page on the BBC:

Yes, M&M has been outsung by a latex puppet.

Eminem is a homphobic, misogynistic little pissant.

Or maybe just wishful thinking?

That, or he’s smart enough to know that he’ll sell more records of he says shit that pisses people off. Who’s making more money here? The people being pissed off, or the person saying stuff to purposely piss people off because he’ll sell more?


Whew. I was afraid I’d have to revise my 2001 Celebrity Death Pool.

Hang in there until after the first, won’t you, M&M?

Eminem is very talented, actually. You don’t have to like what he says, but he is by far one of the most talented rappers out right now. He’s got mad flow and his rhymes are complex. He does not, for example, rhyme “that” with “that”, like the latest Destiny’s Child song. I like him despite all the claims that people have hurled his way.

I just caught someone on VH-1 talking about him last night. Indignant woman: “He’s advocating raping and murdering his mother!” Er, so did Jim Morrison. Relax, lady.

People who get into a tizzy over his lyrical content are just falling for his game.

And those are his GOOD points!