Eminem, movies, console games, and Wal*Mart

Yes, I work for the company that Fortune calls “America’s Most Admired” in their March issue.

At my store, I’m the (by default) computer, home entertainment, and music guy. (Including Tejano music, which I can’t stand, but that’s another rant…)

One and a half weeks from now, the film “8 Mile” will street on DVD. It’s going to be a big seller, folks. Really big. It’s a shame we won’t be selling any compact discs released by the same artist. Yes, he’s a fucknozzle, and it’s really not that good of a flick, but it’s still going to be a HUGE seller around here.

My minor complaint is that a few years ago, I had to pull all copies of his work from the cd bins and return them to Anderson. Now, it’s been many years since Small*Fart caved in to the music censorship folks and started selling only the edited releases, but it seems some folks were still freaked out by the censored versions, and BAMPH! no more Eminem for sale.

Until this movie is available.

There is a HUGE double standard at work here, and that leads me to the second part:

It’s only the music that gets tweaked like that. My copy of “Strange Days” (otherwise a good movie) has one of the most terriible and painful to watch rape/murder scenes done in a mainstream flick in the last twenty years. I picked it up at work. GTA Vice City sells out daily, as does that sad jigglefest beach volleyball title for the xbox.

It’s only the music I can’t sell. Whenever a customer comes up to me asking for a cd, I suggest shopping elsewhere. But you’d better believe we’re gonna have plenty of copies of “8 Mile” on DVD for ya…

I know, this turned out as a mild rant, sorry about that. Lemmie try to rant a bit; Uh, FUCK LEE SCOTT IN HIS FRESHLY DEFILED BY CAMELS AND NOW EMPTY LEFT EYE SOCKET!

I’m off to listen to my old Dead Kenneyds vinyl.

Crank up “Kill the Poor” for me, would ya?

As much as I hate to say it, Mathers has real talent.

I would disagree… it sounds like (and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) that they’re pretty consistent: If the customers complain, pull it from the shelves. If they don’t complain, it’s fair game.

With that in mind, it just seems like the paying public is composed primarily of idiots.

What about when customers complain it’s not on the shelves? They don’t put it back!

Actually, almost no store does that, but it’d be handy if they did.

Was anybody forcing these customers to buy The Eminem Show at gunpoint? What the fuck is their problem? They don’t like it so nobody else has the right to buy it either? If I bitch about all the inspirational Christian books in the book section will they remove those too?

That would deplete their stock by about 90% at my local Wal-Mart. All that would be left would be Harlequin Romance novels and John Grisham paperbacks.

If only this would happen… I don’t think they could though. The Wal-Mart in my area (Central Texas, if that narrows it down a bit) has an entire isle of books. I’d estimate 1/4 of it to be romance, 1/2 of it to be what I’d consider ‘regular’ books, and the last 1/4 of it is Christian religious.

They sell the things that sell, right or wrong. They’re in the business of making as much money as possible. Say what you will, but they’re damn good at doing it. I don’t like it either, but it seems to work pretty well for them.

Sucks that it’s like this, but it is, IMHO at least.

I’m sorry. That was during my attempt to start a dadaist crime wave. It didn’t take.

I know you mean ‘aisle,’ but wouldn’t it be great if Wal-Mart had canals, and you had to canoe to the book isle?

Wouldn’t it?

Next time, try forcing them to buy the toilet bolted to a rocking-horse at toothbrush-point. Threaten to go all blender if they refuse. :wink:

Oh sure, it seems great at first, until…


Shit! There goes one of those things made out of paper that don’t like water too much! What are they called? Reading thingies? Oh yeah, books!

Uhh, I didn’t do it, really. I hope one of the 1,523 cameras didn’t catch me dropping it. I’ll just paddle back and get another one.