Emma Thompson will be Sybill Trelawney.

There are many cuts that disappoint me, not just Oliver. The twins play such a great part in the books, but you hardly see them in the movie. And you don’t see enough of the professors, either, IMO.

I won’t reveal any spoilers, but those who have read the last book will know who I mean. Helen Mirren would make a great “bad guy” later on. Helena Bonham Carter would be a good casting for the good witch and Amanda Donohoe would be great as one of the big evils that comes up later. All MHO, of course.

Really? Because that’s just about perfect. I imagine that some of the Dopers who have fallen in love/lust with Lupin have forgotten that he’s not supposed to be physically attractive. He’s shabby and unimpressive, and even when he’s not “fallen ill”, he always looks like he’s in marginal health, at best.

And I always pictured Trelawney as tall and skinny (almost ethereal, one might say), and with a really big nose. And they’d better get the glasses right: I thought that the glasses magnifying her eyes was a marvelous touch, by Rowling.

Here’s a link to a good picture of the Trio + Lupin & Sirius in the Shrieking Shack from the new film, for those of you wondering what Thewlis looks like, and what Oldman looks like dressed as Sirius.

And here’s a great pic of Harry & Hermione. These pictures are both from a Newsweek article.

The movie comes out on my birthday. Can’t wait. I’m very eager to see what a new director does with the material.

I actually think with a pair of oversized glasses, Emma Thomson would make a great Trelawney. I remember a rumour ages ago saying Tilda Swinton was up for the part of Trelawney, and I have to say I was disapointed when Ms Swinton denounced those rumours. She was EXACTLY how I imagined Trelawney.

David Thewlis isn’t whom I imagined as Lupin. Then again I saw him in “Total Eclipse” - and that movie, and the character he played, completely disturbed me, and I don’t know if I can see him as anything else.

I also hate to be shallow, but I’d imagined somebody ‘cuter’ as Lupin, a 30ish man with boyish features. Sorta like Guy Pierce.

I can agree there, but…well, not to be rude, but if I was going to put Mr. Thewlis up for any part in book three, I’d fatten for three months or so and cast him as Pettigrew because the man has a look that just screams “rodent!” to me. My idea of Lupin was more along the lines of Ralph Fiennes if kept away from all direct sunlight and put on a bread-and-water diet for a week or two.


Emma Thompson is a fine and extremely versatile actress. I think she’ll be as brilliant as Trelawney as she has been in just about everything else she’s done, even if I, too, had someone different in mind as well. Can’t remember who I had in mind, though.

I turned backflips over Gary Oldman as Sirius. Excellent choice. David Thewlis (sp?) I’m not as wild about, but I’ll give him a chance. Timothy Spall was exactly who I had pictured for Peter Pettigrew, though.

Lisa-go-Blind, I always pictured Eddie Izzard as Ludo Bagman.

And can’t you all imagine Sean Connery as Mad-Eye Moody? CONSHTANT VIGILANSH! :smiley:

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Oh my word, that IS Peter Pettigrew! It is freakishly how I pictured him!

Yeah, Thewlis does look more suited to Pettigrew, doesn’t he? Personally, I’d pictured Lupin as a young John Hurt. Kind of frail and sickly-looking, but good-hearted, clever and capable of surprising you.

Just found a cute article about David Thewlis, and I take back my complaints – it sounds like he has the right sort of personality to play Lupin. Cool.