Emma Thompson will be Sybill Trelawney.

I was reading this in USA Today. Emma Thompson

I always liked her as an actor and have been disappointed not to see her so much lately. And the part of Sybil in the third book of Harry Potter was predominant, if they don’t cut her like they cut so many parts short in the second movie.

I don’t think she is the person I would have thought of for the role off the top of my head, but if a role was just out there that someone were to talk about and say, “Oh, Emma Thompson will be this character,” I’d probably think that she could pull it off.

Any thoughts on who might be better suited to the role?

I’m sure she’ll do a fine job with the acting part, but she seems too young and too tall. I’ve always pictured Professor Trelawney as very small and grizzled.

However, I’m saving most of my annoyance for the fact that they didn’t pick a better-looking Lupin. (Yes, I’m shallow.)

I think Emma Thompson would do fine, but I pictured Trelawney differently also. I thought she was tall, but older and a little more out there.

I know Gary Oldman will play Sirius Black (very, very cool), but who’s been cast as Lupin?

David Thewlis.

I usually don’t imagine actors playing book characters, but I always imagined Lupin to be played by Eddie Izzard.

I imagined Lupin as Roger Rees. But, that’s just me.

I had pictured Trelawney as tall and slender and older also. With the right makeup, I reckon Emma Thompson will be fine.

I am completely thrilled with both! The guy playing Lupin looks EXACTLY like I pictured him. And Emma Thompson can absolutely pull of the spacey biddy look.

I always pictured Lupin as a young Anthony Hopkins.

I’m happy with Gary Oldman as Sirius Black.

Well, apparently the part of Oliver Wood, Griffindor quidditich captain, has been cut from the movie.

However, Dawn French is on to play the Fat Lady.

Oliver Wood graduated at the end of the second book, so he wouldn’t be in the third movie anyway. (At least I think it’s the second one, but don’t hold me to that.)

Love the idea of Dawn French as Fat Lady, and I’d be very surprised if Emma Thompson wasn’t wonderful as Sybill. Oldman as Black suits me fine, too, but I’d sort of always pictured Tim Roth as Lupin. I have no idea about David Thewlis, but he’s going to have to work extra hard to displace my casting choice :slight_smile:

No, Oliver Wood was in the third book, and pretty heavily featured at that. Here is a site from CBBC.

It appears Cho Chang won’t be in this one either.

Oliver Wood was in his seventh year in the third book.

Emma Thompson is very funny when she needs to be, see the film Junior.

If they’ve cut Wood from the movie does that mean were not going to get a Quidditch Match in this film? I cant actually understand how they’ve cut it out to be honest… isnt this the book where he (wood) had them up at the crack of dawn training daily because it was his last chance to win the cup?

Wasn’t he 6th year? He was around in GoF because he was upset that they weren’t having Quidditch that year - and then they got that new Quidditch captain in HP5 (no, I’m not going to say who it is because someone may not have read the book).
Anyway, I don’t see Emma Thompson as Trelawney. I really would have hoped for someone older, although if she plays it right it could be fine.

They are going to have Quidditch, don’t worry. I read somewhere an interview with Daniel Radcliffe (who plays Harry) talking about a cool scene of “Quidditch with lightning.” I can only assume this is the game the Dementors swarm the field causing Harry to pass out and fall off his broom. I can’t seem to find the interview with a quick search, but I’ll keep looking. I’m sure it’s on the The Leaky Cauldron somewhere.

I have no idea how they’ll do this without showing Oliver Wood. One of the fun subplots of the book was his incessant drive to win the Quidditch Cup. I guess some stuff just has to be cut, but at least they could have a shot of him in the background or something.

Nope. According to this site, he graduates at the end of the third book and signs up with a professional Quidditch team before the fourth book starts.

I had to doublecheck because the ‘no Quidditch’ thing in the fourth book always throws me for a loop.

Yeah, he’s out after book 3.

One of my all time favorite lines:

“Where’s Oliver?”

“He’s still in the shower. We think he’s trying to drown himself.”

I think Emma Thompson will do a wonderful job. As for humor, rent Much Ado About Nothing. She is brilliant.

I am pleased with Gary Oldman as Sirius Black. When I was reading his parts I kept on picturing for Sirius or Lupin a very thin, emaciated Russell Crowe. Oldman is a much better choice.

I was initially okay with the idea of David Thewlis as Lupin, but did anyone else see the Newsweek stills from the film? They are online, and I will try and find the link, but not right now as the computer is being temperamental. Anyway, Thewlis-as-Lupin in those pictures - well, he looks like he’s in mid-sneeze, only permanently. Does not dispose me well towards him.

I also love the “We think he’s trying to drown himself” line. In fact, I think I love most of the twins’ lines. They’re definitely the funniest part of the books.

They really shouldn’t have cut Oliver. :frowning: