"Emperor's New School" theme song lyrics - help!

Okay, this is a long shot. My Google-fu is either not up to the task or else the information I’m looking for is simply not online. I’m bringing this to the SDMB in hopes that someone either knows or has a better ear for lyrics than I do. It’s driving me crazy.

In the theme song for “The Emperor’s New School” (the cartoon on the Disney channel that spun off from “The Emperor’s New Groove”), there’s a line near the end that goes like this:

“His friends are loyal
He’s royal
(garbled line)”

I want to know what that garbled line is. I like the show, and every time I watch it, that line haunts me. I strain to make it out, and every time it eludes me. Can anyone tell me what it is, or point me to somewhere online that has the lyrics?


Well, this is hardly a definitive cite, but the lines in question are listed as

His friends are loyal
It’s royal
They’ll help against the foil

Have you tried the old turning-on-closed-captioning gambit?

No, I haven’t! I didn’t even think of that. Good idea. :slight_smile:

What the hell does “They’ll help against the foil” mean? I’d be very surprised if that were correct, but the last word does sound a lot like “foil,” so who knows?

It’s a difficult-to-decipher line. I always thought it was “they’ll help defuse the foil” myself. The last word is definitely foil, used in this case to mean “a person or thing that makes another seem better by contrast” (©2006 Random House). The line is stating that Kuzco’s friends will help him defeat Yzma and Principal Amzy. What do you mean they’re the same person?

Borborygmi for the win! :slight_smile:

I stayed up till 1am last night and watched TENS with the subtitles on (for some reason they didn’t show up on the episodes I’d recorded on my DVR), and I finally have the answer to my question!

The line is:
“His friends are loyal
It’s royal
They’ll help him beat the foil.”

No wonder I couldn’t figure it out! It still doesn’t make much more than the tiniest bit of sense to me. I guess they needed something that rhymed with “royal” and they didn’t like the spouse’s suggestion of “they’ll help him lance a boil.” :smiley:

Anyway, thanks! Mystery solved!