Empire Strikes Back -- lost scenes?

OK, this has been bothering me for many years.

I could swear that when I first saw the Empire Strikes Back, right when it first came out in May 1980, the following scenes were in it:

– Darth Vader is in his little meditation chamber and his helmet is off, but instead of that bald scarred head that everyone remembers, there was a BIG GLOWING BRAIN.

– Luke is on Dagobah in Yoda’s hut, and when R2-D2 looks in the window, there are SEVERAL YODAS preparing food.

OK, now I have talked with at least one person who remembers both the multiple Yodas and the glowing brain. Here are the possibilities:

  1. They were in the original release and Lucas, obviously not averse to monkeying with his films, took them out for all subsequent releases.

  2. They were in some adaptation of the movie, such as the novel, comic book, comic strip, radio play, children’s storybook, or any of the two dozen ESB tie-ins I made my parents buy me at the time, and over the years my (and my friend’s) brain has short-circuited and ascribed them to the film proper. I was only seven at the time.

  3. I hallucinated them, they never existed except in my mind, and my friend just wants me to like him.


You’re crazy…

I’d go for number three…

You and your buddy weren’t partaking in ‘recreational pharmaceuticals’ when you saw this, were you? (such as the demon pixy stix) :smiley:

Clone Yodas??? :eek:

There is a scene of Threepio removing a Biohazard tag from a door where Wampas are on the other side that made it into the trailer. I think they should have left it in as it would have been threepio’s shining moment.

Now that you mention it, I may have been hopped on Sno-Caps!

Well, for some reason, in my mind they were Force-constructs or something.

Wow, I sound like a loon!

Perhaps you are a loon. Or at least suffering from “can’t tell the difference between a dream and a memory” syndrome (there must be a better name for that)

Trust me, not only were these scenes not in any release of the movie, but they would make no sense to even be included in the movie!

They didn’t happen.

Tars, I kept waiting for that scene to show up in the special editions, but no such luck. It woulda been so righteous seeing snowtroopers go barging into the wampa holding pen and then pissing their armor.

Guess I gotta stick with watching the commercial on the laserdisk :frowning:

I saw TESB 3 times within it’s first week of release, and never saw anything like you describe.

Kaspar Hauser wrote, in the OP:

I, too, mistook the back of Anakin’s disfigured head for a brain when I first saw this scene in the theaters. But I have no memory of said brain glowing.

I don’t remember the multiple Yodas, but the big glow-y brain does strike a chord.

It’s entirely possible that the Star Wars comic by Marvel is where this came from.

I’ll look later


I can state with certainty that the Star Wars comics from #76 through #100 had no big glowy brains. Iskalonians, sure, and a whole bunch of other wacky stuff, but no glowy brains.

Well, the would be fine but I seem to recall that TESB was in issues 30-35 or so.

You’re a little early, #39-44.

I just checked, no Space-Brain for Vader (or the Emperor) and no super-speed Yodas.


I found a possible suspect!

Marvel did a paperback comic-book adaption of Empire that was different from the comic-book format: it was done months before they’d seen any of the new characters and before the final script/edit was done: Yoda is drawn a purple, Wendi Pini looking trollish thing, for instance.

Since it was done from A) a shooting script and B) done “blind” it’s entirely possible that the paperback comic adaptation has both scenes.


Nope. I have that one and it has Vader with hair in silhouette, and no multiple Yodas.

My cousin had that. It was where i first learned of the missing scenes oh so long ago. Yoda looked like a purple head banger goth.