Employee Benefits

I read some where that if an employer works a part time employee for 40 hours a week over for a certain amount of time, and if that companie ffers benefits to fulltime employees they have to give said employee the same benefits. Can anyone enlighten me on this matter.

This varies a lot state to state. For the best information you need to contact your state’s employment agency. (A good place to start is http://www.state.ny.us/ (substituting your state’s abbreviation for ‘ny’)).

In many states, under certain circumstances, if you are listed as a “part-time” employee but work 40 hours or more, your employer is obligated to treat you as a full time employee.

This is true for the Federal Government. If you were employed full time in the same job for 2 years, they had to create a permanent position for someone to fill the temp position you were performing. Results: a six month LTE contract, renewed regularly, with a week of unpaid (and unhired) time between the end of one contract term and the beginning of the next. No permanent job, no benefits.

I did this for about 5 years in DC.