Employment!! Scary!!!

I’ve been offered a temporary, but full time job. It’s a pretty decent job, the pay is rot, but that’s to be expected. It’s in an area that I find challenging and it seems my coworkers will not be cow-orkers.

Here’s the thing:

I’m really nervous to go back to work! I haven’t worked since June 2000, when I gave birth to our daughter. I haven’t had to shower, get dressed, dry my hair, and be out the door so early in the morning in so long, I hope I can do it.

It’ll just be so odd to have to get dressed, drive off into the cold wet morning, leaving my little one at a creche and not seeing her all day.

Plus, I’ll miss The Fimbles and afternoon naptime. I’ll go to collect her at 3:30pm (the job is only from 9am-3pm, cushy!) and I’m sure I’ll drive like a maniac to get there quickly, just to hold her.

Anyone else go back to work after several years like that? I’m just not sure I can even do it anymore. I’ll have to leave the house at a quarter to eight. That’s when I’m usually Doping. EEP!

This is really going to cut into my slacking time.

Yay, Annie!

You can do it. It’s a shock to the system, the first few days, certainly, but the shock wears off. There will be days when you’re actually looking forward to getting up, if you’re in the right job.

I’m sure you’ll be fine :slight_smile: Personally, I never really had trouble going back to work after a span of time. My advice is to try to psych yourself up for it, and find a way to enjoy what you do so the time passes quickly.

Personally, I find it much harder to go back to school than go back to work. I enjoyed Winter break so much, that its 3 weeks into the semester and my brain still is not in ‘school’ mode. That means I really have to work hard to pry myself off the computer to study. Heck, the Spanish training software I got for christmas (to help with Spanish 1B) is still not installed because of procrastination. Go figure :rolleyes: .

I don’t know how you are about habits, but for me, if I get stuck in a bad/lazy habit, it is very hard for me to get out of it. I have to remind myself to stay with it many times through the day. Interestingly though, a job is often much more measured and consistent (albeit duller) than school, and so its easier to make sure I leave on time and do my job. In fact right now, my work is actually much more interesting that school. Never thought I’d see the day where I’d be busting my ass in a minimum-wage job for a promotion to net a $0.05 raise :eek:…guess its just something fun to work towards :slight_smile:

Thanks, Steve, I can’t get too comfortable, as this job ends in June, when the school year finishes. I will endeavor to do a decent enough job that they ask me to return. If not, there’s always the dole. :wink:

Incubus, being a teacher, you’d be surprised how common it is to be unable to work during the summer months. After elem, jr high, highschool, undergrad and graduate school, I think of the beginning of the year as August and always look forward to June! I can’t imagine working in the ‘real world’ where you don’t get so many holidays.

Yay Annie!

You’ll be marvellous. If you can move, sort out your mom, look after a two year old and do all the other hundred things you’ve done in the last few months without collapsing, you can DEFINITELY do this. I have confidence in you. I think you’re going to love it.

Thanks, Francesca!
I appreciate the encouragement. It’s amazing that even mid-career, one can be insecure!

Wa-hey! Congrats on the job, Annie. How’s Ireland treating you so far, other than with crappy weather and Drunk Dublin Dopers? :slight_smile:

Thanks, Coldie!. Things are really great. It’s a gorgeous place to live and the people are really lovely. We’ve got fantastic neighbors with three kids, 11, 9 and 6 who love to come over and play (babysit, while I’m home). I think we’re really going to be happy here.

I wish they’d finance a trip to the Netherlands for me to study how you lot teach English so well. It would be an incredible learning experience. You must have fantastic primary and secondary education there. I can’t think of a Dutch person I’ve met who has even intermediate English, they are all really strong in English and speak with little or no accent at all. It’s so impressive, considering a lot of these folks also speak French, German, and possibly a few other languages, too.

I’ll be working with kids from age four through twelve who have either no English or very poor English. A few have decent English, but pronuciation and grammar problems.

I’m really looking forward to it.

Are you aware that I’m trying to organize the First Annual SDMB Galway/Guinness/Oysterdope? It’ll coincide with the annual Guinness/Oyster Festival (one of the largest in Ireland) in late September, 2003.

I hope quite a few EuroDopers will come and maybe even a few folks from the States. I’m not big on Guinness or oysters myself, but I like a good party and this is meant to be a massive one!

I’ve yet to meet any of the Drunk Dublin Dopers except Twisty and Hibernicus but I hope to one of these days. The invitation for them to visit is open, we’ll see if they rise to the occasion!

I like it so much, I had to say it twice. Hey, you’re a mod, can you fix the coding on the above post and delete the double post?
(I can at least ask.)

Congratulations on the new job, Anahita. I bet it will be a big adjustment for you, but I imagine once you get into a routine, it won’t be so hard. You’ll probably look back and chuckle about how much you worried.

Of course, I don’t have kids, nor have I done what you’re doing, so I could be completely wrong. But somehow, I don’t think so. I think you’ll adapt nicely.

Yeah, Annie, since we can’t comment to you, let me just say, I’m really happy for you, and I’m sure you’ll do well. A hearty congratulations and continued good luck to you! Let us know how it goes–when do you start, again?

Galway Guinness Oysterdope! Music to my ears, and as it is, I sort of have plans to do a motorbike tour of Ireland this summer, together with a friend of mine. Don’t know if it’ll be late September, as it’ll be a camping trip.

Thanks, scout1222! I’m sure it’ll be an adjustment but having a few extra hundred euros at the end of the month will be worth it!

bristlesage, I’ll start the 24th. It worked out really conveniently that the school’s winter break is this week coming, so I can use that week to get Y acclimated to the creche and myself used to getting up and out of the house at a reasonable time. You have to understand, some days I’m in my pj’s until after lunch! I am not looking forward to the ‘What the hell am I going to wear to work?’ thing at all, but at least in Ireland, no one looks at you funny if you wear the same thing twice in one week.

Coldie, should go without saying you’re welcome to crash here as you ride through Ireland. We’re just at the ‘gateway’ to Connemara and there are a ton of day rides out that would be great to do from here (Clifden, Kylemore Abbey, Aran Islands -though I’m not sure about motorbikes there). The weather is meant to be pretty good at that time and even bordering on beach weather!

I’m pretty sure the GGO Dope is the 23rd or 26th of September, as it’ll coincide with the big festival, but feel free to pop over any time. We have a guest room, too.