Empty bowels

If my bowels were completely empty, how much less would I weigh?

Do you mean having no food in your intestinal tract or having no intestines at all?

Either way, the answer is: less than you do now.

How full are your bowels right now?

How much do you weight now?
How much do the contents of your bowels weigh?
Subtract the second number from the first number.

Somewhere else.
No need to report your findings, thankyouverymuch.

Sounds like you need to experiment with Colonblow and a bathroom scale.

I bought a colon cleanser from a health food store which promised me that it would clear out my bowels completely and I would lose up to 12 pounds, including a 4 pound loss with the first ‘movement’! I was friggin’ thrilled to death if not grotesquely curious.

I think I lost seven pounds total, but it was at the price of being on the toilet about four times a day and having stomach cramps. I’ve tried to do fasting and juice diets to clean out my bowels because I’m always constipated (Magdalene’s going to love this thread), but nothing really ever has been too effective. I guess I’m going to go through life with 12 extra pounds.


jarbabyj I really recommend that my patients (of which you are not one) avoid messing around with their bowels in order to facilitate weight changes. It does have the potential for big problems. Daily doses of citrucel or metamucil can take care of 90% of problem constipation quite safely, and if it does not, a physician should be consulted.

Just had to put in my 0.02$!


Thanks for the advice. I’m a nutcase. I was hospitalized for constipation as a toddler and it’s been a lifelong thing. Fiber therapy and the like don’t work. My doctor says that since it’s been a whole life situation perhaps my bowels are stretched and my body is just accustomed to going six or seven days without clearing out. But I do always feel bloated and heavy, so I thought the colon cleansing would help.

but enough of this hijack.


Didn’t mean to meddle. Ever try Miralax? It’s a new Rx that I’ve found very helpful for certain problem situations. If you wanna discuss it, feel free to email me, otherwise I’ll leave it alone from here.