Empty stomach?

Kind of a simple question, here: certain supplements and such things are intended to be taken “on an empty stomach”, particularly amino acids (as they have to compete with those in the food to get into various parts of the body). That said, how long after eating, say, a typical meal has your stomach more-or-less emptied itself?

Obviously, there are endless variables, here, but I’m looking for a rough estimate. Half an hour? An hour? Several hours?

Thanks for any input.


I closed the duplicate thread.

My prescription thyroid supplement has instructions to take it on an empty stomach. The pharmacist I asked about it said to take it one hour before or two hours after a meal.

I am not a pharmacist or any other sort of professional person who would know about these things, I’m just repeating what my pharmacist told me about a specific drug.

Suppliments are different from Meds. Usually it will tell you on the package how much time (average) to wait.

There is currently a dispute about amino acides and proteins. Some say if you eat grains that are incomplete you must combine the grains AS YOU EAT in order to get a complete protein. Others say it doesn’t matter.

Fitness gurus will tell you NOT to eat proteins with carbs and fats as it prohibits there absorbtion. This is also widely debated.