Encourage global warming....please!!!

My wife and I live in North Dakota. The mercury has not gone above 20 degrees F in over 3 months. As recently as 3 days ago the actual temp was -30 (with WC of -55). That was the high! I understand 35 above is “frigid and dangerously cold” for people in the Northeast (wimps), but this is nuts.

The latest forecast says it won’t be above 10 till Monday at the earliest, when it may hit a balmy 25 above.

My plea is to the greens in CA. Please drive your SUV’s across the barren landscape of dust covered shopping mall parking lots (while we somehow get by with passenger cars) but more important, BUY CFC HAIRSPRAY!! Spray it from the rooftops! We need some of that global warming stuff. I saw in the late 1800’s on this date it was 56 degrees up here! And they didn’t even have cars to help out! Step up, environmentalists! Warm us up!

Jon in Grand Forks

This is a GD, if not a BBQ or IMHO, IMHO.

In any case, it’s unfortunately not quite that simple, lite. The consequences of adding carbon dioxide to a system balanced as precariously as a global climate are unkown. Global warming would not merely heat up the planet a little, but would more likely affect globval weather systems such as the Gulf Stream, Jet Stream and El Nino.

The upshot of this would likely be more extreme weather, and so as many cold parts would become colder (Britain becoming more like the Canadian tundra it shares a latitude with) and lush farmlands become desert as happened the other way around.

CFCs have very little to do with global warming. You are confused about two seperate issues: Global Warming and Ozone Layer depletion.

IMHO bound I should think…

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