'Encyclopedia Brown' author Donald Sobol dead at 87

From the LA Times:

The Encyclopedia Brown series were some of my favorite books when I was a kid. I honestly hadn’t thought about them in twenty or so years, but I’m still a little sad to see him go. Godspeed, Mr. Sobol.

[insert Encyclopedia Brown pastiche, complete with spoilered mystery solution that quite possibly depends on erroneous information, here]

(I actually would too, if I had the time.)

ETA: And I would do it out of the utmost affection for all the entertainment he gave me as a kid, and for turning me on to the mystery genre. [rant]And I mean REAL mysteries with actual solvable solutions, not overwarmed crime suspense stories where the culprit is ass-pulled in the last twenty pages, and it doesn’t really matter to begin with.[/rant]

I had loaded up the first twenty of his books to my Kindle a couple months ago and they’re great for long road trips. I was surprised to see that HBO had done an EB show and there was some interesting legal battle that the author got into about rights IIRC.

Has anyone checked Bugs Meany’s alibi?

He claims he was in Antarctica, hunting polar bears.


Loved EB and the Mad Scientist Club as a kid. Heck, I still had them until a recent book purge! So, that is quite sad to me.

Funny on Bugs’ alibi! Awesome! I’m still mad after buying that sword from him that was engraved First Battle of Bull Run. Darn him!!


LOL about Bugs.

RIP for Sobol - I really liked those stories as a kid, and just found out last year that Sobol was an alum of Oberlin College, as I am.

Bugs told me he was at the North Pole, studying penguins.

If only there was some way to check his alibi…if only…

How did Encyclopedia know Bugs was lying?

All I know is I didn’t do it. The knife blade still in Sobol’s back is longer than my missing knife’s blade.

How did Encyclopedia know stpauler was the murderer?

I’d tell you, terentii, but before I confront stpauler, I’m going to make sure Sally is here.

Turn to page 87 for the answer.

She was a feisty little babe, wasn’t she? :slight_smile:

I loved Brinley’s Mad Scientists’ Club. Does anybody remember Alvin Fernald and Daphne?

Man, I loved those books. I remember so many of those darn mysteries…

I remember them too (I’m 34)! RIP Mr Sobol.

Is it true that his last meal was CHOICE COD? That’s what I read in my upside-down, mirror image newspaper this morning.

Drat that Bugs Meany and his counterfeit Civil War swords!

For the town miscreant, Bugs was a discriminating little bastard: no huffing paint and vandalising cemeteries for him; it was antiques forgery or nothing.

Bugs Meany has been found beaten to a pulp. Police are now looking for a lesbian named Sally.