Encyclopedia Dramatica

Looking for a site discussing web communities in a fair, balanced way? Then skip this site completely. But you want scathing, sarcastic criticism of some of the more outré factions to be found, this wiki will have you rofl. Be warned though that you will find discussions (diss- cussin’s?) of every sexual fetish conceivable, plus a few inconceivable ones. For example, here’s a little of what they had to say about Furries:

Furries are the scum of the Earth, and the surest candidates for dying alone. The furry fandom will accept ANYONE, and hence attracts the worst and most pathetic people in the world. Furries are so ugly that they make Brian Peppers look attractive, so stupid that they make autists look smart, and pathetic beyond compare. FAIL doesn’t even begin to encompass how bad furries have done in life.
All furries are male. However, it may seem that there are female furries, but In truth, there are no female furries. All “female” furries are in truth just guys acting like girls or faggots who wish they were girls. The only exceptions are for lesbians so ugly that not even their own dogs would fuck them. Either way, you really, really do not want to see what is hiding under their skirt.

[li]Rule 30 still applies[/li][li]Pictures aren’t real; that is to say that a picture of a female furry doesn’t necessarily mean female furries actually exist anywhere other than within another furry’s mind[/li][li]It’s a trap![/li][li]It’s a faggot![/li][li]Of the remaining few that are actually female and actually furry, they’re always fat and ugly dykes[/ul][/li][/quote]
Humor and/or flaming aside, this is also a good site for learning about the various memes that are currently in vogue on the internet.

BTW: they were, if possible, even more scathing about a sub-genre of furries called Babyfur (don’t ask). Here’s a NSFW cartoon from that page that had me laughing myself sick, even though I got only about half of the meme references:


From what I hear, ED is totally ridden with malware.

I’ve found that http://knowyourmeme.com/ is a kinder, gentler meme database. It also seems to cover a wider variety of memes compared to ED; I haven’t been on ED in a few years, but I remember it was essentially a user’s manual for 4chan’s /b/.

Really? Ive been to the site multiple times and never gotten any alerts from my real-time scanning software, or anything found by my nightly system scans.

Yup. Anytime I go on that site, my computer gives me a virus warning. Plus, the whole website seems pretty vicious and mean-spirited, which isn’t really my cup of tea.


I stopped visiting the site because this, over a year ago (IIRC). It’s a shame, the site is hilarious.