End of Life paperwork.

HELL-low, it’s been a while hasn’t it. Things are mostly the same for me, maybe a bit better, it’s hard to tell sometimes.

A friend died a couple months ago and I’m having minor surgery next month, so the paperwork of life & death have been on my mind lately.

I’m filling out an **Advance Health Care Directive **now, but what other paper work do I need to take care of?

A will seems pointless as I’m on disability. I have 88 cents in my checking and half of my belongings are milk crates. My most valued items are my computer & mini fridge.

There is no Life insurance or prepaid burial plans. The city/country will have to deal with my remains.

What other decisions should I make now, while I still can?


Yes, the dope was the best place, I could think for this.:stuck_out_tongue:

[Rant]Where the FUCK have you been dude? I posted a few months ago that you were MIA, and no response, and have been seriously worried. [/Rant] :mad:

But now you’re here, so happy to see you posting again. Sorry, being in Aus I can’t give advice about what to do in the US re directives etc.

Welcome home Foggy, you were missed. Don’t nick off again without telling us, ok? :smiley:

I don’t know what is in the paperwork but do you have a Power of Attorney set up?

Howdy, kambuckta.:slight_smile:

The Advance Directive has a POA for health care.

If you have any assets at all, I don’t think a will is pointless. There are two purposes for a will:

  1. to assure that your assets go to the heirs you intend; and

  2. to assure that the state doesn’t have to spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out who should receive your assets and how to find those people.

Even if #1 doesn’t matter to you, #2 would be a helpful consideration. IANAL, but ISTM a simple will declaring that your entire estate should be donated to Goodwill would take care of it. Bundle it together with your AHCD and keep them in a prominent place in your home (e.g. stuck to the front of the fridge) or with an acquaintance who is likely to be made aware of your death. For your upcoming surgery, you might provide these documents to your health care team.

God, I hate thinking about this stuff. I’m looking at challenges in my health care, recently. So it’s been on my mind too.
I think POA should cover most things, advocacy if you’re unable to make decisions for your health care and /or financial things.
I have an inherited bit of money stashed away. I put my youngest daughter as sole beneficiary. She’s now at an age of majority. I worried when she was minor that it would be taken away from her. The way she’s spending lately, I may to rethink her having all that ready cash:)
Good luck on your surgery, Foggy.

That’s fine, but what if you knock on wood somehow become impaired but otherwise stable? Who is going to collect your disability checks and shop for food, pay your electric bill, and so on?


Passwords. . .if you pay any bills online or any other type of banking or commerce
Safe combos
keys. . .label obscure ones

Make it easy (unless you want them to struggle) for your heirs to tidy up after you.
I know that’s not paperwork, but it’s important nonetheless!


It is good to know you’re still with us, Foggy. You’ve been missed. I don’t have any advice, but good luck with your minor surgery next week.

Be sure to let us know it went well.

Damn, but it’s good to hear from you, Foggy. I’m so glad you posted. Good luck with the surgery.