End Times in Myanmar

This story is just…wrong on so many levels.
Won’t someone think of the poultry?

Reminds me of the fake stories from afar; Dog Rescues Child and Grandfather Rips Out Chettah Tongue.

Meanwhile, check out Myanmar

Clearly this woman was meant to be my ex-wife. Someday…

I think it would be much simpler to find a woman you don’t like and buy her a house.

So, evidently, they call it an “arm” over there.

There actually is a congenital condition that causes a person to appear female at birth then develop male sexual characteristics at puberty, including growing a penis. So, while this is rare, it’s not entirely unheard of.

If I recall, there are villages in both Puerto Rico and New Guinea where this condition is common enough that the locals have a name for it.

Broomstick: the condition you refer to is 5 alpha reductase deficiency

These individuals have testes and no internal female genitalia, they have an XY karotype. At puberty the increase in testosterone is able to bypass the enzyme deficiency and some virilisation of their external genitalia occurs. This seems the most likely explanation, although 21 is older than might be expected.

I should also say, that is used to be common practice in the to remove the testes in these individuals and rear them as girls.

This, as you can imagine, was not always entirely successful, and that strategy is being rethought, due to a greater understanding of what exactly makes “gender”, and the role that “brain sex” has in determining gender identity.

Yeah, thanks - I couldn’t remember the name of it at 5 am when I was last posting.