Endangered Deer

So yesterday morning I turn onto a two lane highway cut through the bush about ten years ago and within a minute I notice a dead deer by the side of the road. A quarter mile later, there’s a deer in the middle of the road so I slow down almost to a complete stop. This deer was sauntering. To best describe its behavior I would suggest that it was acting like a cow.

I mentioned to the young man sitting next to me that there must be something in the air.

Then I amended that comment and suggested there must be some loco weed in the bush, having remembered that term from old cowboy films of the 50s.

And then it hit me. Local boys like to grow marijuana plants in the bush.

Sure enough, the young man informs me that it really is a problem protecting their plants from deer who seem to love it. You can imagine that these deer can really get superstoned since the effects can come somewhat later after consumption.

I will be very wary next time I see a deer near the road.

It may not have an effect. Deer eat poison ivy, too. Certainly their digestive systems are different, I don’t know about their brain chemistry, though.

My dad and I saw a young buck that had gotten into a field of hops once.

It was lying, just looking like it was resting, in the field. It saw us, got up, took a few very wobbly and swerving steps towards the stand of trees it must have come from, fell down, got up again, more wobbly steps, boom-down again. This repeated once more, and then the deer just gave up and sat there with his head lolling around. :smiley: