Endangered Livestock?

This AM waiting my turn to have blood drawn at the local hospital I was loking at a copy of New Yorker Magazine. Near the back I saw a small ad asking for $25 donations to save endangered livestock!! I wonder how many people send money for this worthy cause? Should you & your friends wish to donate, I’ve decided to become an agent. Please e-mail me for the address to send your contribution. Save a steer or hog today!


There are several different types of cows that few and far between. Mostly it is because Holstiens, Jerseys and Guernseys(sp?) seem to be the most popular milkers. Other breeds are good for beef etc. There has been so many different breeds developed or classified over the years that the ones that weren’t economically advantageous were dropped by the wayside and there are only a few small herds of some of these breeds left around. Mostly these small herds are kept by people as a hobby and are not economically viable. There is an organization that these breed collectors belong to, though its name escapes me at the moment. At any rate, there is endangered livestock, some of which is the result of breeding and some that come from certain geographic areas. I would probably not send money to these people myself but I can see the reasoning behind some of it, keeping at least some of each breed in case somewhere down the road they have a specific genetic variable that could be advantageous.