Ending credits of Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

A LOT of you folks probably noticed that at the very end of the credits of each “Rocky and Bullwinkle” Show, two nonsense words would briefly appear - something like “PONSOBY BRITT”. Then very quickly these “words” would “explode” and that would be the end.

What exactly are these words and what possible meaning do they have?

Ponsonby Britt was no more nor less than Ponsonby Britt. According to IMDB, it was probably a fake name that producers Jay Ward and Bill Scott used.


The creators didn’t want to take all the credit, it was a team effort, so they made up a fake name.

I don’t know if it’s that name though.

According to this site, that was, indeed, the fake name that Ward and Scott invented:

Thanks all !!!

Now, that that’s taken care of, can someone please explain the psychdelic transitional segment that showed R&B dodging back and forth frantically while lightning bolts destroy the landscape, then the two passing 'through" the Earth and emerging along with a bunch of rapidly-growing flowers?

Did Ponsonby smoke a lot of gooooood opium during his travels, or what?