Ending mental health care

How does a docter know when you are ready to stop using anti-depressants? I would think that part of your feeling good would have to do with taking the anti-depressants. So how does the doctor know what your mental state is without the drugs and when is it time to stop taking the drugs?

Just to get this out of the way, but IMNAD. But from my understanding, you don’t just stop taking anti-depressants. Once your doctor feels that you’re no longer in a crises situation, he may try cutting back the dosage. Many anti-depressants can cause seizures if you just stop taking them. You’re then checked regularly to see how you’re handling the lower dosage. You may eventually be able to stop taking them altogether, or you may find that you need to continue at a lower dosage. But it’s not like antibiotics where you take them for a certain time then stop.

By stopping the drugs and watching for signs of relapse.