Engaging in some SDMB nepotism (link to youtube video)

Literal nepotism, in fact.

My sister recently notified her Facebook friends that her son (my nephew) has just completed his first full-length cartoon (yes, this link goes to it).

I’ve watched it, and deemed it definitely worthy of a wider audience than my sister’s 400+ FB friends. Mindful of the flexible nature of the concept of spamming, however (especially when several thousand members of the potential audience will hold several thousand opinions on what constitutes it), I have obtained permission to create a thread in Cafe Society, inviting Dopers to watch it.

Hope everybody enjoys it! :slight_smile:

Watched it.

Tell 'em I said “Good job!” (And make sure you tell them there was an exclamation point; people love exclamation points!)

That was great! I would definitely watch the next episode. Very talented…