Engineers: Could the Pirelli building (Italian skyscraper) collapse?

CNN says, “Frightened office workers evacuated the building as they feared a collapse of the building like those in New York.”

But wait, isn’t the Pirelli bldg. famous for being one of the tallest CONCRETE structures? Isn’t that construction method different from how the WTC center was built? Concrete doesn’t melt like the WTC’s metal did.

Not likely. The fire could soften the rebar and drive the water out of the concrete, softening it, but a small plane holds so much less fuel than a 757 that it probably won’t be a problem. The plane hit high up on the building, meaning that there is little weight above the crash site to cause a collapse. Remember that the Empire State Building took a hit from a faster and heavier B-25 carrying more fuel and survived.

A few months and a few repairs and the building should be as good as new.

It could collapse like dropzone said, if there was a large enough and hot enough fire. But not in this case.

Well I’m sure the workers weren’t thinking about the merits of concrete versus steel beam construction. Probably more like “Plane! Crashing into my building!! 9-11 flashback!!! Get the #$%@ out!!!”

I doubt that they had such fears. It is just standard practice to evac a building when fire breaks out.

CNN? Bah!

You doubt they had September 11/building collapse fears after an aircraft crashed into their building? Wow. If I’m ever in a life-or-death situation I want someone with your nerves of steel to back me up! If I’d been in the Pirelli building you wouldn’t have seen me for dust.

Especially since you would have no way of knowing if it was the first of many planes coming in piloted by motherfucking terrorist scum.

Yeah. Calm, logical, and analytical as I may be (Hah!), I’d’ve been out of that building and several blocks away as quickly as I could. Analysis is easier over an espresso in a Milanese cafe.