English Cricket- Pietersen Shown The Door

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I think it was Alka Seltzer who had previously commented that his next Test could be his last. He won’t get the chance.

I will be upfront and say I never liked him. He was far too brash, and I don’t think his ability ever was as great as his ego. Nevertheless, he was a very good player.

However, it seems that he has really fouled his nest with the texts undermining his captain.

I believe the ECB did the right thing.

He can be a great batsman no doubt but I’ve always doubted whether he was a net benefit to the team.

He seems to enjoy living life on the edge of a crisis and I suspect the powers have decided the negatives now outweigh the positives. Especially with the deep batting line-up we now have. (first test against SA notwithstanding).

He was fun while he lasted but I feel it was always going to end this way.

It was always going to come to tears. I didn’t think it would be this early.

Different, but I never thought that Keppler Wessels would be a fixture in Australian cricket. In the end he was a bird of passage.

Bolding mine, Cicero, your poetic namesake is getting the better of you!

Are you Aussies allowed to be sentimental? I’m sure your constitution rules against it. :slight_smile:

He is too good to be left out for too long. He is only 32.

Pieterson is the type of omni-arsehole that really transcends sports. Even if you don’t follow cricket closely, like me, you are aware of what a posturing bell end he is. The circumstances of his dropping sound v funny.
KP - we’ve cleared the air and we’re all on the same page, I’m really looking forward to playing with the guys again.
Selection commitee - Pack your bags son.

I think it was me that put this initially up on the test series thread.

I am happy a decision has been made, but as I said on the other thread, England has had plenty of total egotists knocking around in their side in previous years (Boycott, Botham). Pietersen is our most flair bat and he is in form, something should have been done to sort out the contract situation.

Unfortunately, since then, things have moved on. It’s no longer about the contract and the ODI v T20 thing. He’s fucking around with his team mates, not just looking for his biggest pay day. He has holed his own boat.

Nope, didn’t see this one coming. A while back, I was speculating that Strauss might quit at the end of the summer, perhaps you are thinking of that?

It’s a minor tragedy that Pietersen isn’t playing. At his best, such as his hundred in the last test, he really is a special player. But he’s always been, at best, a bit of a prat. The latest rumour isn’t just that he’s been insulting his team-mates, but also giving the South Africans bowling tips against them. But all this is probably the tip of the iceberg. When he was briefly captain, he didn’t just succeed in getting Peter Moores sacked, he also tried to get rid of Flower, who was assistant coach at the time.

The whole affair reflects badly on Pietersen in particular, but to a lesser extent also the England management and possibly his team-mates. Could things really not have been resolved before reaching this point?

I was thinking of someone suggesting he could quit Test cricket - I’m not sure anyone could have seen this coming.

Any idea what his agenda was in knifing Moores and Flower?

Actually, from a distance, I think the English management has come out looking pretty good with this. It has defended the captain and shown that it will not accept his (Pietersen) half hearted statements. In saying that I acknowledge I have never been a fan of Pietersen and don’t really think he is as good as he believes.

I suppose the difficulty the management face is that playing for your country is not any longer the only way to make decent money. Now, if you are half okay you go and make truck loads in the IPL.

It is a separate discussion, but I just wonder how the IPL will eventually affect world cricket.