english ford or anglia - '58-'61

Did anyone ever own one? How did it work out? Have you ever seen one? What were your experiences with it?
I had a blue '58 Anglia and had a lot of fun with it until the engine seized up on the Mass. turnpike.

Never owned one, but I have a friend who has a hot rod shop and he specializes in Anglias and Willy’s. I always thought the anglias were very cool looking. If you need parts or anything let me know and I’ll pass you his number. I may even have a pic or two of some of his Anglias.

Could I get his email adress? or snail mail address?
I’d love to see a real anglia

Rods West
704 E. Dolphin
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

His website, http://www.rodswest.com seems to be down right now, but if it’s anglia, he’ll have it or can get it. Jeff Beck has contracted a few cars with him that I was able to help him build. If you have an email addy I can try and dig up a pic or two.


English ford or anglia?

Should that be… (wait for it…) English four door Anglia?