English maynard's 'wine gums' advert question

A few years ago, maynards came out with an advert for wine gums. I can’t remember much of it, I was probably only 9 or 10 then (16 now).

What I can remember was a man singing “there’s a moose aboot the hoose”, with a Scottish accent, and two tenor saxes playing a duet during the fills.

Anyway, it’s the music for the saxes that I’ve been asked to work out for my band, one for me and one for the other saxophonist.

Does anyone know who this song is by, and what it’s called, because I can’t find it anywhere, and I want the sax part to be in the correct key.

Thanks in advance, Harry

OK, never mind then people, I doubt anyone was going to reply anyway.

After an afternoon’s searching when I should have been revising, I’ve discovered that its Lord Rockingham’s “hoots mon”, which I am now in the process of downloading.

Hmm, this is going to be a pig to work out both parts for since I suck at this.

Cheers, Harry

I have a copy of that in my collection somewhere.
‘Hoots mon it’s a braw bisk moonlikt nikt’

Lord Rockinghams Eleven “Hoots Mon”

I remember it from the sixties. More information to follow.

It was a number one for three weeks running (I think…) in November of 1958.

Transposing the music is turning out to be very tricky, and I have another question that needs ansering and searching the net brings me no help.

I wont hi-jack my own thread, since the question is completely different, and the people who’d look at that thread wont be looking at this one, so it’d go unanswered.

Thanks all, Harry