Enigma's MCMXC a.D. Why the lowercase "a?"

I checked Wikipedia and the closest they come to explaining it is:

So if it isn’t an abbreviation for Anno Domini, what does it mean?



It’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle.


Couldn’t help that… I’m guessing the lower-case ‘a’ is nothing more than a stylistic decision.

Maybe they believe in God, but they’re not too sure about years.

It is the abbreviation for anno Domini. Thing is, Romans didn’t use lowercase letters or periods to indicate “this is an abbreviation” (so, the Latin abbreviation is AD), but now we do use lowercase letters, we do use periods to indicate abbreviation, and in many languages we do use a lowercase letter to abbreviate a lowercase word, an uppercase letter to abbreviate a capitalized word.

It is not the usual abbreviation for anno Domini - it’s a… hypercorrect abbreviation, tho. Maybe someone from Enigma is a Doper :smiley:

I was always to busy gettin busy to the sexy beats to even notice the lower case a…or at least wishin I was :slight_smile: