Enjoy your 4th

See ya later, be safe.

…and remember…
If you go forth on the fourth with a fifth, you may not go forth on the fifth…:smiley:

My 4th what?

There will be a conflagration of Indiana-style fireworks at my house the likes of never before seen!

Later my dude. Eat a rib for ya boy.


Happy 236th Independence Day, everybody!

The morons started with the illegal fireworks several days ago. If past years are any indication, this will continue for the next month. I hate July 4th.

Happy 4th of July, guys! I’ll be cooking hamburgers tonight in honor of my American heritage.

Ah, yes! Hamburgers, watermelon and beer.

Happy-in-de-pants dance day!

Happy 'murica day, everyone! I am celebrating by drinking German beer and watching, as I do every year, 1776. So far it seems like a pretty winning combination.

Bah humbug… we’re having a drought and they have banned the use of personal fireworks in my county. What is the point of being a patriot if I can’t get drunk and blow stuff up?

Sure, I’ll still grill up some burgers, corn on the cob, watermelon and lots of ice cold beer, but I’m going to sit with my arms crossed firmly across my chest and a snarl on my face as I drag the chair to the clearing where I can watch the community display.

A fourth without burning up a few hundred dollars worth of fireworks is like a birthday cake without icing.

We have our steaks marinating in a mesquite marinade already. Spuds and lemonade. Should be a nice dinner.

Haven’t fooled with fireworks in over 20 years. Just not my thing. We’re under a burn ban anyhow this year.

Hope Everyone has a happy 4th of July and stays safe.

Happy Independence Day to all my American Doper friends!

Thank god Independence Day is in July. Imagine the kids with sparklers, BBQing, and lighting off fireworks in the sleeting rain of November.

Our forefathers were thinking ahead.

My day included a parade straight out of Norman Rockwell, hot dogs and potato salad in the backyard, and fireworks in the town park - huzzah for the United States!

I agree. Also, get off my lawn!