Enough alredy!!!!

Every single news website I visit (nytimes, cnn and bbc) for the past 10 days has these inane reports of the queen mother. One million showed up yesterday to say goodbye. Prince Charles paid tribute. Queen paid tribute. Camilla-Parker paid tribute…

I dont care!!! How can any one possibly think this is worth headlines for 10 days!!! And those reports tell me nothing new!!! I dont think she was very important either; she hardly made news in the past 10 years.

(Deep breath) now, Back to work…

Well, she was a nice lady and all. I agree that news stories concerning the British royalty do tend to be a bit over-sensationalistic.

[ol][li]I’m English[/li][li]I don’t give a shit - she was an old lady (don’t believe the hype about her being nice), she died, she was rich, so what.[/li][li]If you think the media in the US is bad, imagine how appalling the British media is at the moment. Sky News should be renamed the 24/7 Queen Mum Hagiography Channel.[/li]What the FUCK are Irish government buildings doing flying their flags at half mast?[/ol]

A-fucking-men, ramesh.

A person I know rang the office of the Taoiseach to ask why the flags were at half mast.

Apparently, they do that for all heads of state, like “Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, or the Queen Mother”.

Quite strange.

Be prepared for the "Queen Mum Commemorative

  1. Plates
  2. Gin
  3. Rose (which you can actually get with 20 tokens to collect from the Daily Mail) :rolleyes )
  4. Dental plate
    artificial hip

It ain’t going to be pretty folks.