Enough Skin Flakes, already!

I need either a support group here, or some major “help” of the psychological sort. I have a bad habit I’d like to conquer. Don’t ask me why I’m telling the SDMB, but I have to get this off my chest. Maybe none of you “know” me well enough for me to be able to discuss this. But, in general, you’re a rather accomodating bunch, so here goes…

I eat skin flakes.

Yes, my own. Dead skin anywhere? I pick it off. But then…I must, nay, I must eat it. Is this an example of pica? Am I sick? Crazy? Either way, it’s starting to bother me. My skin looks terrible now, but I just can’t stop! I must, I really must. I am starting to do this in public, even.

Am I alone? How do I stop? Is it hopeless? People of the SDMB, I humbly appeal to you in regards to my weird, disgusting habit, and feel free to share one of your own, especially if you kicked it eventually.

Assuming that your female (or maybe not) try getting a set of acrylic nails. I, too, have a bad habit of picking my face (but not eating the results, only inspecting!) and found that it was impossible to do anything with acrylic nails!

Well, thats pretty gross alright. I don’t have anything to add but I’ll help keep this thread alive since this seems like a pretty weird and interesting problem.

Gunhilde -
Me too!!! Oh my God , I thought I was the only wacko on earth who did this. I am so glad to know I’m not alone.

Do you bite your cuticles too? That’s the worst for me. I find a little piece of cuticle sticking up and pry it loose with my teeth. Sometimes this make a bigger piece come off, and sometimes they even bleed.
But I can’t seem to help it; I’ll be doing it and not even know it. My kids do it too.
I dont know why we do this, but if you find anything out let me know. My hands look godawful most of the time. And my oldest son’s are beginning to look as bad.

This sounds like a pica to me. (Pica is a persistant desire to eat a non-food item, such as dirt.)

Many people with a pica have some level of iron deficiency. Try taking a good iron supplement and see if it affects your craving.

I know there was a column about this once. Maybe someone will be able to find it for you.

If it is a pica, at least it’s not a hazardous one. Some people eat very dangerous things, such as paint chips.

cuticles? You are not alone there… Do you have almost constant hangnails or places where you may have had hangnails if you let them alone? I used to bite, nibble, gnaw them off until once I got a horrific infection from a saliva soaked hangnail. (Think the gigantic plastic “hitch-hiker’s” prostetic(sp?) thumb they sold many MANY years ago. My thumb swelled up to those proportions. Painful AND disgusting) Hence now I just pick and pull with my other nails. I also chew up the inside of my cheeks. (yes the ones on they face…if I were THAT limber, I’d be a porn-queen!)

Oh my…pretend I can type after drinking a wee bit…(Yes, the ones on MY(Insert “my” instead of “they” please) face…etc etc…)

Damned fingers…type what I mean!!!

But TM, what you SAY is SO much more interesting than what you mean...

:: D&R::

No, I don’t bite my cuticles, sorry three bunny mama. But I’m also glad to know someone else eats dead skin. Gotta eat it yourself before those greedy dustmites get to it!!!

Uh…what I mean is…yeah…