Enough with the chickenshit "scandals"!!

Including Jesus, Wayne Gretsky is the only man I’d have sex with.

And, amazing OP. So well said, in fact, that we have no where to discuss, making this an inevitable slap shot per poster event.

Jesus isn’t that great shakes as goalie. He keeps dropping things. It’s like he’s got holes in his hands.

The media treatment of this Gretzky thing pisses me off. They’ll do anything short of lying to make a good story. The original report, in which it states that Gretzky was recorded on a wiretap discussing the gambling organization with Tocchet “sometime in the past month”, and then reminded the reader that Gretzky had claimed that he had no prior knowledge of it. This is a perfect example of spin, or as I like to call it, lying by telling the truth. In reality, this phone call occurred right after the police came to the Gretzky’s looking to speak with his wife, one week ago.

It’s fucking outrageous that the media is able to get away with shit like this. They’ll whore themselves out for a good story, no matter how true it is,