Enterprise Rent-A -Car (and probably all car rental companies)

So I went in with my wife to get some work done on her car. We have GEICO and they provide and pay for rental cars while your car is being repaired. So we go out to the rental car and the Enterprise rental car person who brought the car to the garage asks if we want to buy supplemental insurance for only $25/day. I say no thanks. Then she goes into this speech about how much it will cost us if the car gets a scratch on it and how my credit card won’t cover it because I’m not paying for it so I am totally exposed up to my deductible and there will be charges that my insurance won’t cover like the rental fee for the car while it is sitting in the shop not earning them money and the depreciation that occurs on the car while it is in the shop not earning them money. So now I’m getting paranoid and say “so how much would that be total?” And they say the car will be rented for perhaps three days so that will be $80.

They point out that $80 is less than my $500 deductible and that other fees could apply if the car ends up in the shop. I say that I don’t think there is a 17% chance or even a 1% chance that there will be an accident. She then proceeds to go over the car with a fine toothed comb and starts to record pre-existing “damage” to the car which includes feathering in the paint job so they don’t charge us for any of the pre-existing damage. WTF!?!?! Its not like I’ve never rented a car before. I’ve NEVER seen this sort of shit. I point this out to her and she says that we would be responsible for any further damage unless we buy their insurance. So I spend the next 15 minutes pointing out all the blemishes I can find, only to have her send me a pdf that only included the dings and scratches that won’t buff out that were “longer than a dollar bill”

Do these guys get a commission on that insurance? WTF is up with the hard sell? They have my wife so paranoid she is just going to use uber and leave the rental car in the garage.

My wife and I regularly rent cars from Budget when traveling. Never had anything like this happen to us. So maybe #notallcarrentalcompanies.

It looks like it’s new corporate policy, because I got the same hard sell when I rented a van from Enterprise back in February. Even though they knew it was being rented by the school district and not me personally, they still went through the whole high-pressure insurance spiel. They HAVE to be getting kickbacks.

If there’s any doubt, call your insurance agent and double-check on whether your policy covers rentals (most do). Rental companies are counting on scaring people into getting unnecessary supplemental coverage.

That said, I haven’t gotten a hard sell for insurance for a long time.

Part of my routine in picking up a rental car is to take cellphone photos of it from all sides, including any scrapes or damage (meaningful dents or dings are reported prior to leaving the rental facility).

I recently went through the same thing. Also Enterprise, my adjuster took the win out of their hard sell Ponting out that my coverage also covered the rental. Progressive in case you interested

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Thirded on the new Enterprise hard sell. I was paying for the rental out of pocket, so I did select the supplemental insurance, as I drive 60+ miles a day to and from work.

Hard sells suck.

Best to know what your coverage is and knowing if you want the car rental provided insurance before you get there (be it your own car insurance or the credit card coverage you are using or whatever).

The car rental insurance, like the insurance you buy on products in a store, are always a rip off and never a good deal. For the car though you must have some insurance to drive so you have to choose it if you have nothing else.

If the agent starts on the hard sell and you know you don’t need what they are selling just stop them. Politely say “no thanks” every third word out of their mouth till they stop.

No kickbacks needed… its just a pure profit add on.

The salespeople are absolutely incentivized to get you to buy the damage waiver. It’s pure profit for the company, so they do reward salespeople for selling it.

That’s the thing, they know most people know their insurance company will cover damage to a rental car, which is why they’re hard selling on “you’ll have to pay the deductible”, and “it won’t cover the other bullshit charges we come up with like loss of use and loss of resale value”.

I rented a van from Budget a while ago. Not too much hard sell for the extra coverage, but a long time noting down ever little nick and scrape.

When I dropped it off at the destination, dude never even looked at. I said, “You wanna check this out?”

“Nah, just park it over there.”

“Okay, but I need you to sign the contract that it was returned without damage.”

“Here ya go.”

I used to manage a rental car place, similar business model to Enterprise, and we didn’t get any bonus for selling extra coverage, but upper management was all over your ass to push it. In retail, selling the worthless extended service plans did you some $$.

I’ve never had occasion to see how it holds up but when I rent a car I do a walk around it with my phone video recording its condition. I do the same upon return.

You can delete the video once it is clear all is settled.

I especially do this when renting Zip Cars (because there are no attendants).

I have a credit card that has great rental car coverage, including being primary insurer. (Credit cards that offer secondary coverage kick in only after the claim has been processed through your personal insurance carrier.) It also covers loss of use, which is another means they have of extracting money from you.

Anyway, I always bring a printout of the brochure where they instruct you to decline the CDW/LDW insurance offered from the car rental company or you will not be covered, and show it to the salesman. That stops them in their tracks.

Another vote for Enterprise being goofy like that. They have always done the inspection process, so that’s not new. The hard sell on insurance? That may be new, or localized. But then I rent for business travel and my employer covers us, so I just tell them that and they shut up.

So, what does that extra $80 cover? Can you drive the rental like you’re in the demolition derby? Might be worth it…

I recently rented a vehicle from Enterprise. Could not have been easier. Not even the hint of a hard-sell. I needed a temporary replacement for my Mitsubishi Outlander which had been the victim of a hit-and-run. AAA (insurance company) had an adjuster appraise the vehicle two days later, and it was in the fix-it shop the following day.

I then called Enterprise. They picked me up at my house, and drove me to their shop to fill out the paperwork. For the $25 AAA rental limit, they had cars that were so small that I don’t even remember their names. An upgrade to sub-compact would have been $1.50 per day over AAA’s max. A compact would have been $7 or $9 more per day. Without even being prompted by me, the Enterprise agent upgraded me to a Jeep Grand Cherokee (premium SUV) for the cost of a sub-compact. Thank you very much Enterprise.

One of my daughters needed to co-sign the rental agreement (she drives the Outlander), but she had been vacationing in Mexico. I would be picking her up at O’Hare (ORD) with the rental. Cook County/Chicago tack on a lot of extra charges for renting a vehicle, which is why I rented locally. However, the local Enterprise office would be closed by the time her plane arrived, but they could add her on at the O’Hare office, which I believe is open 24/7.

They were just as friendly, and efficient, as the local office’s staff had been. Yes sir, no sir, thank you for your business, please come again, have a nice day. And they waived the extra fee for co-drivers.

I’m wondering if the high-pressure tactics some people have reported came from the same area(s) of the country?

Plus, AFAIK, your standard/regular auto insurance policy should provide the same comprehension/collision coverage for a rental as it does for your own vehicle. At least AAA does. And Farmers (my previous insurance company) had the same rules.

Insurance is 100% profit.
Of that, 60-80% is commission.

Yes, they do push it.

I use the rule “You get three shots. After that, any further attempt will cost you your sale”.

Works from new cars to appliance service/

I rented from Enterprise in April, and not one word about the insurance - didn’t even ask me if I wanted it. There wasn’t any walk around the car ritual either, which is unusual. (And I walked around it myself, because once I actually drove off with a car that neither of us noted a huge dent in.)

So clearly YMMV. Or you look like a sucker.

I just had a good experience from Alamo at Miami International.

We THOUGHT we paid for gas (don’t have to bring it back with a full tank). That’s what we asked for. We brought it back very low, and where actually proud of ourselves and our planning. We don’t like to look for a gas station near an airport in a strange city. We rarely run a car under 1/4 tank.

When checking in, the paper work did not reflect this. But they waived it.

We did wave insurance, but discovered that the car had a splooge/dent on the trunk lid. I took a dated picture of it before we left the garage.

I don’t know. I didn’t read the fine print of the insurance policy.

I don’t dismiss stories that say otherwise but I’ve rented from Enterprise and never got the insurance hard sell. Was everyone on this thread that did renting a car on their insurance company’s dime?

Your regular insurance policy should cover this. I’ve always been taught to waive the rental company’s insurance. Pre-rental inspections include a quick walk around the car and that’s it.
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