Enterprise Spoilers-The Augments

A great begining to this episode with Archer’s escape from the lab, and the most assinine pun at the end. Nice action episode, and they managed to go two and a half episodes without mentioning Kahn. A scene lifted from TWOK pretty well sucks. Nice death of a villian who really needs killin’, though.

Panda as in pandering to Trek references is given a new name.


are the champions…

my fri-ends…*

I’m a bit worried about the ratings though. I really think that Enterprise deserves…

…wait for it…

four more years

Hmmm…can’t wait to see it - especially if a certain someone dies appropriately. As far as mentioning Khan, I think it should have happened sooner - the casual non-Trekkie viewer probably has no idea what the “eugenics wars” were, so referring to Khan Noonian Singh might have made things make more sense quicker to a majority of viewers. “Oh, these folks are like Khan! Now I get it.”

They used a clip from TWOK? Or did they just “adapt” a scene?

[spoiler]There is a scene with a wounded Malik laying across the console of a burning bridge with dead bodies strewn about.[/spolier]

The reference to Kahn-you might have a point, although if that were the reason I think they would have done it in the first episode of the arc.



UR teh 5P0i/3R, man!

There sure are some spoly people in these threads, but cplant is spolier than everybody. (Spolier than thou?)

I’ll comment on Sunday or Monday. I’ll be out of town over the weekend and will pick this up on TiVo when I get back. (Anybody notice how I never miss an opportunity to mention TiVo? It’s like I found Television Jesus and I can’t help evangelizing. I know it’s annoying. Sorry. But TiVo is great! :p)

I’ll spoily you, you…

I won’t be watching for the next two months. No TV or VCR.

Unfortunately for you, that doesn’t mean I still won’t be commenting. It’s never stopped me before, after all.


Several things I enjoyed about this episode,
Archer’s Great Escape
The Grappler Turnabout
Over the Planet FX

Malik’s jump down from the roof at the end. What the crap was that about.
The Soong’s contrived obvious, “Hmmm, cybenetics, oh not now, maybe in a generation”

Overall a good episode in a good group of episodes. I’ll be back with more later.

That fellated with the most allacrity of anything since * Spock’s Brain*.
Actually it was “I can’t finish it, maybe in a generation”, meant to be understood as “The Next Generation”.

That belongs more in an episode like Trials and Tribulations rather than a dramatic episode where Malik stabs Persis to death while kissing her.

I wanna know where the heck he came from. They’d just shown him self-destructing the Bird of Prey in the previous scene, fer cryin’ out loud. Can Augments teleport now, too?

(Hmmm … well … considering that Nightcrawler from the X-Men was a mutant, and mutations are just genetic alterations that weren’t deliberately engineered, I don’t see why a genetically augmented person couldn’t have the Teleportation Gene.)

Excellent episode. It reminds me, along with the first episode, of classic Trek. I think they may actually be getting a feel for what Star Trek is. :slight_smile: This had the fast pace and complexity a good science fiction show needs. I congratulate them.

These are some of the elements that had that Classic Trek[sup]TM[/sup] feel.[ul][li]Classic plug-n-fix modules in the research station.[]Trip reconfiguring the warp coils to look like a Klingon ship.[]Updated the universal translator while at Earth.[]Chancelor “negotiating” with the Orions Bluff. (Can’t you just see Kirk doing this?) :D[]Hoshi’s got an earpiece predating Uhura’s.[]Khan and “Superior abilities breed superior ambition”.[]D5 Cruiser knows it is chasing an Earth vessel - the Bluff never works the second time.[]Grapplers disable the Klingon ship.[]A Khan-like “death” for Malik with him disfigured the same way.[/ul]In addition to the Classic Trek they had some strong scenes as well.[/li][ul][li]Archer’s gutsy decision to blow the hatch and be transported from space. I wonder at the transporter’s ability to transport while he’s being ejected; but it was cool.[]Consistency with Archer being covered in ice and having capillary bursts around his eyes.[]Khan’s legacy is integrated well.[]Having Soong keep tinkering with the genome is appropriate for the character.[]Nice having Soong’s perpetual lies turn on him. When Archer picks him up, Soong has trouble convincing Archer he is telling the truth about Malik’s genocide attempt.[]Then Soong is still unrepentant saying that it would have worked better if he had been allowed to stay with the Augments.[]Malik killing Persis reinforces his commitment and resolve for the character.[]A 3D battle with the Klingon ship perpendicular to Enterprise in the flight.[]The guard escorting Soong at the end actually reacted quickly enough and shot Malik. He deserves the title Security Officer.[]Archer blowing a hole through Malik.[/ul][/li]Some nitpick’s:[ul][li]Shouldn’t Archer have oxygenated his lungs by breathing heavily before the hatch was blown so that his tissues would have the most air? Or would it have been better to hyperventilate to reduce tissue decompression damage? Or would anything have helped at all?[]Following a ship in warp; the other ship drops out of warp; Archer commands Enterprise to drop out of warp. With such speeds and times, Enterprise would have overshot by a long shot.[]How is it that Malcolm’s torpedoes are faster than Malik’s?[]How did Malik get over to Enterprise?[/ul]And finally - I think preventing the Klingon War from starting was too wimpy. Malik’s bioweapon should have succeeded. And I knew Soong would talk about switching to cybernetics! :)[/li]
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“Ah, so that’s what that setting does!”

I wanna know where the heck he came from.

You reckon he transported?

Do Klingon starships even have transporters in the 22nd Century?

I thought the Enterprise’s “transportation device” was still a new piece of experimental technology, never seen before in the galaxy.

Their technology is more advanced than Earth’s. They only met the Klingons recently.

IIRC, it’s something they picked up from the Vulcans. The technology has been used by Vulcans for a while now, but the Enterprise crew has been a bit antsy about using it. I believe this is the first season where they use it often and without much hestance.

Besides, I think we can safly assume that the Vulcans and the Klingons both developed warp drives on their own, there’s no reason why the Klingons couldn’t develop their own transporter device. Also, what carnivorousplant said.

I seem to remember an episode where Klingon pirates beamed down to some planet demanding their “protection fee” or somesuch.

Personally, it annoys me that Klingons are so much more advanced than humans. I see no reason they couldn’t kill us all if they wanted to and that just doesn’t jive very well with the history of the governments that we know.