Enterprise "The Communicator" (Spoilers maybe)

Man! What day does it come on over there? I won’t see it til Wednesday at 7:00 CST.

Hmmm no OP eh…
Well I’ll do my best to do it from memory…
Basically it was one of the better ones. I liked the plot decent story, some good humor and a nice bit of action. The cloaking device was cool and I hope they dont’ forget about it in later episodes. I want to see the Enterprise get a cloaking device since the Federation hasn’t signed that treaty preventing them from doing it. So yeah good episode, 8/10.
Let the non Enterprise related banter being.

**NoClueBoy ** I get Enterprise at 8:00 MST on Tuesday. Good ole Canadian Tv.

Wow. Enterprise on Tuesdays. Weird. You Canadians probably also still think digital watches are a neat idea. :rolleyes:
j/k Wearia :smiley:

Long live Firefly!

This episode bothered me. This show is supposed to be before the prime directive, right? I thought that the Federation eventually adopted the prime directive because they learned that even well-meaning interference can be disastrous. So… where’s the well-meaning interference? Shouldn’t the results of Starfleet’s early missions justify the prime directive? All they have to go on in this series are the vulcans’ warnings about “cultural contamination”. Is Archer just going to take this at face value? From the vulcans? Really? Sigh
At least Firefly’s turning out to be a good series…

I think it’s funny that Firefly has invaded every other thread in the world - the one about John Doe was full of Firefly plugs, too. Yay!

But we’re here to talk about Enterprise. So here’s what I have to say:

FIRST of all - Who knew Chef was an exotic dancer!? That one took me by surprise.
And as for Trip’s pet koala - how did they keep THAT a secret for so long? Too bad Porthos got shoved out an airlock, though. I never thought Koalas were that vicious.

Bummer about Travis turning invisible. Not that it’s much of a change from his normal role, but still…


Love, Kn(doesn’t get Canadian TV, but has the overactive imagination to make up for it)ckers

YEAH I do!!! Wanna fight about it???:smiley:

checks digital watch Nope, got no time.

But after the little bear abused Porthos and then dumped him for the ferret, there wasn’t much choice for the mutt.

Not much choice for Porthos, either.

Oh, you MEANT Porthos. Sorry. Thought you were taling about Malcolm.

I thought it was great when Jesus came back, only he was a Klingon, and challenged Budda to a death match. Unfortunately Archer had to go save the day in a hippy-dippy way, and it ended in a triple wedding (Jesus/Budda, Archer/T’Pol, Porthos/Koala)

Except when Porthos and T’Pol died, and Archer had to marry the Koala so it could get its green card, that was kind of sick.

Sick? What are you, a speciesist?

Not at all, it’s just that with the Crewman Daniels time warp thing, the Koala wasn’t even BORN yet when he married it, so it was clearly underage.

Woah, you guys are amazing! How did you know about the koala?!?!

They interviewed him on Trektoday.com. This summer he is appearing in Mamma Mia!

Yoy guys see My Big Fat Klingon Wedding yet?

Pretty good, except the ritual killing of the minister made CSI; Miami look like Romper Room.

I dated a Koala once, you know. Man, once you go marsupial you’ll never go back.

Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly or the Brit guy from Enterprise?
Or were you talking about The Doctor?

OK, cool episode.

Q’s & nits:

Cloking radiation? Huh? Exactly how would that work? Also, Trip’s entire arm and the half of the halliberton case was invisible, right? So why could we see the inside of the Suliban ship when the door opened? Something’s not quite adding up.

Intense musical score. Wow!

Great fire fight and rescue scene. Believable and well scripted, if a liitle fast.

Do they have Universal Translator yet? Or did Hoshi school them that well?

Why didn’t T’Pol just use low power ship’s phasers to stun everyone in the compound and then go get them? Or do they not yet have good enough control over that? Seems like TOS had an episode where they did that.

One thing I really liked: everybody had a part! Speaking parts! Except the dawg. Oh, and that girl the Doc was banging. Where is she? Daisy Fuentes as the chef was way cool. Dude! Sweet!

But, those nits & Q’s aside, this was a good episode. It was well paced and had a deep story. The paranoid unethical military types were well done, too. A message?

Good episode. 8 to 8.5. (fyi: Starship Mine, Inner Light, All Good Things. City On The Edge Of Forever, The Demon With The Glass Hand, D.P.O. all rate as 10’s to me {yes, I know they’re from different series})

Back up to par, at any rate.

I must ask the eternal question that began with TOS, however:

Why didn’t they just beam them up? Dangerous, but better than being dead.

That first Twilight Zone episode was HOT!

BTW Max, I don’t think they’re calling Command Starfleet yet, are they? I think the “well meaning” thing they were doing was misleading the paranoid unethical military guys into thinking they were from the Alliance (what, no Luke?) and not from another world. Just a guess.

Are they calling it Starfleet yet? I truly cain’t recall, y’all.