Entertainer Of the year

Entertainement weekly is running a poll for entertainer of the year

I have a feeling Cecil is worthy of such mention, and so, it would be nice to have the forum dwellers head over to the link and vote for Cecil Adam. Of course, Rich “lowtax” Kyanka (of Something Awful) has quite the headstart, but I think Cecil has enough of a readership to get at least second of third place :slight_smile:

Note: for some reason, it told me I voted for MoS when displaying the results. I’m using Opera 5.12… anybody else gets that? I don’t even know what MoS stands for :confused:


The SA Goons have like thrity scripts running that vote for Lowtax over and over again. Needless to say, EW hasn’t thought this through or provided any safegaurds against this. It will be interesting to see if they do a write up on Lowtax or just dismiss the results. MoS is an SA Forum goon being used to push the others off the list. There’s a problem with a server that causes people to vote incorrectly, I think.


Do you know chinese or something?

In case u people wanted to know, the name frosfir came from my brothers Diablo 2 character. I stole it because I couldn¡¦t think of anything better. Since I don¡¦t want to play Diablo 2 anymore, my screenname for Diablo 2 is ekelak and the password is cushionfort

Why the Hell would I speak Chinese (in other words… no, I don’t) (wish I did though)

I mannually enter my sig because I like better that way

Drew Carey, South Park, Nelly Furtado.

Are the SA forums worth the $10? What do they even discuss in there? I love the site but have no clue what goes on in the forums.

The SA Forums are like a warped, juvenile and dysfunctional version of the SDMB. Topics are often similar to those you’d see here in Cafe Society or MPSIMS, like movies and music, but the format is much more liberal in that there are no restrictions on profanity or off color or tasteless jokes. There’s also an emphasis on video games, anime, graphic editing programs like Adobe Photoshop and computer hardware. The majority of posters are understandably in their teens or twenties. Despite this, there a lot of posters who represent themselves surprisingly eloquently and intelligently. Plus Lowtax usually publishes ICQ pranks or lawsuit threats in the Forums before they’re put up on the main site.

I actually registered before the ten dollar fee was implemented. I’m not sure if I’d pay to actually post there.