Entertainment Epiphanies You Have Had

I think it was 1983, maybe '84–I was home on leave from the Marines, hanging out with a high school buddy, channel surfing. Now, while there was a television set in my barrack’s break room back at Pendleton, I had fallen out of the TV habit, hadn’t really watched anything in over a year or two.

Flip to MTV, which as far as I had seen, was nothing but bad Styx, REO Speedwagon and Rod Stewart videotape-as-live performances. Not saying these guys’ music was bad, just their “videos.”

Stopped as there came on a video by a group I was unfamiliar with, shot on film, high production values, handsome young musicians with great hair, and, to me, a storyline somewhat reminiscent of Raiders of The Lost Ark.

And I “had a vision” – I knew, I just knew, with no doubt whatsoever, that video was here to stay, that videos would dominate music, that ugly singers were gonna be shit out of luck (for the most part).

When I saw Hungry Like The Wolf (or is it “A” wolf?) by Duran Duran I saw the future. Not that there might not have been more groundbreaking stuff out there at that time, but this is the one that caused my revelation.


Sir Rhosis

FTR, “Hungry Like The Wolf,” as you thought. And it wasn’t as good as Duran Duran’s other big video, where he’s singing on the front of a sailboat. What was it called? :wink:

And most of my realizations are slow processes, but there was one day a year or two ago that I suddenly realized there was NO latin music on the US mainstream radio, and virtually no boy-band drivel. The underage teases had transformed into full raunchy sluts. It hit me. No matter how much awful music there is at any given time, it will not only end, but it will completely fall off the face of the popular landscape.

Until 20 years later when that big “Macarena” revival hits and we’re deluged with Latin Invasion Dos.