Entertainment Industry re. Columbine

Have the authorities discovered any substantive evidence indicating that the two teenagers responsible for the Columbine H.S. masacre were influenced by violence in movies, TV, and/or video games? In the aftermath of the shootings, these industries have recieved a lot of criticism but I have not heard of any proven link between their products and the shooters.

I believe that a causal link between exposure to media violence and real-life youth violence would be virually impossible to prove. I also believe that it is naive to think that such a link doesn’t exist. I further believe that even if such a link is proven to exist, we still shouldn’t pass laws to limit violence in movies, TV, or video games. I also believe that robots are stealing my luggage, but that’s beside the point.

“For what a man had rather were true, he more readily believes” - Francis Bacon