Entourage (plus a little Lucky Louie for flavor)

So I haven’t seen a thread on this in a while so I figured I’d start one.

I really loved tonight’s episode’s ending. Using a Ramones biopic as Vince’s next big project is about as perfect a choice as I can imagine. I even liked the allusion to The Doors as a precursor, had they not used it in the show I’d have probably made a comparison here myself anyways. Even the triumphant walk into Ari’s office had a fun poetry to it with a Ramones tunes played over the top. The last few episodes should be tons of fun.

I didn’t like the part with Turtle getting the shaft from Saigon though. First, it feels like they are basically just pressing the reset button there. Like they gave up on the storyline of Turtle anding up with a valid career of his own and needed a way out. I can understand the logic behind it, and this was better than just letting it dangle, but I felt like it was a largely untapped source of good plotlines. I mean the rap industry is probably a goofy and comical as the movie industry so it fits the mood of the show. More importantly I disliked the total copy of the famous Suge Knight - Vanilla Ice contract negotiation. I suppose there’s something to be said about inspired by real events thing, but it almost felt like plagiarism.

I felt like the “List” gimmick fell flat too. Can’t say why, since it played out exactly how it should have I guess, but it lacked some of the comedic twists they could have exploited. I would have loved to see who else was on her list, maybe getting Vince into some silly rivalry.

As for Lucky Louie, I’m starting to think that this show actually has some legs. Each episode seems to be getting a little funnier as they go along. There have been some genuinely funny moments that had me laughing out loud. I can’t fucking stand Laura Kightlinger and the kid has taken the phony uber-cute gimmick complete with speech impediment to a grating level, but the situation have been pretty funny. They’ve even done a fairly good job of capitalizing on the freedom that HBO offers without simply wallowing in it without any real payoff.

This week the cheap shot at TBS’ censorship was perfectly placed, how often have you shared the same thought? The I’m cheating on your pussy with your mouht line was pretty priceless.

Anyways, I’m sure I’m not the only still tuning in religiously. Comments?

Well, I would hate to see this thread die because I think Lucky Louie is hysterical. I’m not sure I have many insightful comments to make upon it. I would have to disagree with you about Laura Kightlinger, I think her character is a hoot. Particularly in the episode when Shannon runs off to live with her middle-aged boyfriend. “Carl Looooves gin” haha.

I just cannot get into Entourage on the other hand. I just cant believe real guys would behave that way. Ari (and maybe Drama) are the only two remotely enjoyable characters. Vince annoys me to no end.

I’ve never been around celebrities so its also hard for me to believe some of the stuff those guys do. But Bill Simmons, ESPN’s Sports Guy, former staff writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live and sometime commentator on life in Hollywood, says a lot of what you see in Entourage mirrors actual behavior of celebs and (more so) their hangers-on.

Its worth it to me to watch the show just to see what Ari or Drama have going on, or for the occasional glimpse at Ari’s smoking hot wife.

I agree that her character is pretty good, I like the concept of her and Mitch as being totally permissive parents and generally crude people, their lines tend to be pretty funny. Wouldn’t change anything about it except Kightlinger’s portrayal. She’s one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen. Even the little girl can act a more convincing emotion than Kightlinger. Usually I’m pretty tolerant of bad acting, hell I love the Entourage guys and other than Jeremy Piven they will never sniff a award of any kind, but she’s so bad it’s embarassing. Too obvious that Louis CK cast all his stand-up buddies without regard for any actual talent, luckily for him everyone been able to do a passable job except Kightlinger.

See, here’s the secret, that’s exactly how guys would act in that situation. It’s what gives the show it’s appeal. Not to say you get away with most of it IRL, movie star or not, but that’s the life most guys would lead if they could.

I mean really, which part seems like a stretch? The casual sex? The impromptu Vegas trips? Irresponsible impulsive exotic car purchases? Enthusiasm over strippers and porn? Shady friends banging hookers? Wake and baking? Constant ball busting? Those are all pretty much spot on I’d say.

I was wondering if the situation with Aquaman 2 and the Ramones movie was modeled on Val Kilmer’s career. (He did a Batman movie and the Jim Morrison biopic, and was famously difficult to work with, which is perhaps how Vince is perceived.)

Unlike SailBunny I love the show, particularly for its view of the over-the-top Hollywood lifestyle, with the huge homes and fancy cars. Remember that Mark Wahlberg is a producer and the show is explicitly modeled on his experiences in Hollywood with his own entourage, so it’s got to be somewhat real.

Its not that I Hate the show (I mean I do watch it every week) but does anyone else get stressed out? Every time Vince is on camera, I am holding my breath waiting for a catastrophe.

I assume you mean because he’s a bad actor and you’re expecting him to flub a line? I can’t say I worry about it, the actor is perfectly capable of playing that character since he’s essentially playing a young immature actor, which is exactly what he is. It reminds me of Keanu, so long as he’s playing a cocky California surf dude he’ll be just fine. Same here, he’s got no range but he’s not bad to the point of being distracting.

Bill Simmons loves piling on this guy’s acting skills to the detriment of the show, can’t say I agree (which is saying something when I disagree with him) though, he’s good at playing a dumb pretty boy, I’m inclined to think any unrealistic emotions or characterizations he may make simply serve to help the show, since LA people and actors are pretty artificial to being with. If Vince is acting upset and it’s not convincing, I have no problem believing that a real person like him would be equally bad at looking sad. Let me put it this way, if you met Tori Spelling in real life and she was telling you a really sad story about her dog dying or about her having a bad appointment with her stylist do you expect her to exhibit normal looking emotions?

Regarding Entourage, did the writers intend the irony when in one episode, Vince stood in front of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and decried the producers for being money-grubbing because they colorized Queens Boulevard so that it would attract a wider audience and then in the next episode he went to Las Vegas with his buddies and calmly placed multiple $75,000 bets at the blackjack table?

It seemed to me that it was hypocritical of him to call the producers money grubbing when he certainly seemed to enjoy the good life.

Lucky Louie is growing on me and I am starting to like it quite a bit, but I think a Season 2 will be better once they start to see what works…you have to admit, full frontal male nudity in a sitcom is pretty ground-breaking, as well as the language and the topics…it is like a group of writers have 100% free reign and they are treading on uncharted waters. Will take awhile to get over just doing something because they can, and doing something because it is funny and they can. Still, every episode is getting better and although I agree the little girl is a pain in the ass and they should have cast a different kid, for the most part, the casting is pretty good. The black neighbors are good, although they seem a little “classy” to be living in that dump of an apartment building.
Entourage however leaves me cold. I totally believe the characters - I lived in LA long enough to have seen this type of group for real. But for me, that is the problem. I can’t stand a single one of the characters. To me, they are all obnoxious jerks. Thus, I don’t care if they go to Vegas or get hit by a bus and die crossing the street…they are useless human beings wasting breath on this planet, without a single redeeming quality amongst them all. Sadly, in television interviews and local reports on their real-life adventures in Las Vegas, the cast seems to be taking on their character roles in real-life as well, making them even more unsympathetic to me.

What was the TBS joke on Lucky Louis. I came in just as Louis was saying “fucking TBS,” but I didn’t hear what the joke was.

Yeah, what Dmark said. Its not that Adrien Grenier is a bad actor…he’s convincing as Vince. No, I am waiting for Vince to throw his career down the tubes by offending some producer or in general letting his ego get in the way of his career. I suppose thats what makes the show good, because it genuinely represents “Hollywood”. Truthfully, I’d probably love the show with female protagonists…

Perhaps the TBS joke was because TBS reruns older HBO shows, with Lots of editing (Sex & The City)…I could be mistaken.

He was watching An Officer and a Gentleman waiting for the nude scene to jerk off to and then go to bed. But TBS edited it out (duh!) and he ended up falling asleep at the kitchen table.

LL is kinda uneven with me. A scene that left an ugly taste in my mouth was when the guys didn’t pay for their slices at the pizza place (an episode or two ago) for no other reason than to prove they could get away with it.

The black couples apartment is obviously in the non-shithole wing of the building. Weird.

I’ve pretty much given up on Lucky Louie. Its just a regular boring ass sitcom except they swear and you see more of the characters actually having sex. Ridiculous side characters who are unrealistic, the family’s financial situation changes depending on the plot and shrill wife, schlub husband… eh… Not all that interesting to me.

Entourage is hit and miss last week’s was hilarious and this week was just as good. I loved Martin Landau as the lonely old man producer.

The show isn’t about Vince, its abut Eric. Drama, Turtle and Vince are supporting characters just with Vince as the reason their lives are how they are-but really Eric is the central character.

Good point…actually, a female version of both shows was Sex And The City…like Entourage, they all sort of hovered around Carrie’s career (and Samantha’s connections), and the show certainly made good use of HBO’s freedom of sexual expression and language that Lucky Louie seems to be struggling with.