Environmental Bad News of the Day:

Foul tasting flesh? :dubious:

The cases of serial Man eating tigers point to that not being quite the whole story.


Kinda reminds me of the Far Side: “No fur, claws, horns, antlers, or nothin’…just soft and pink.”

I’ve smelled guys on the bus that make a skunk smell nice in comparison. When we let ourselves go, we rival pigs in shit for pong.

In this case, having the caption before the illustration is kind of a disappointment.

Man…remember the good old days when the great cats named their cubs things like Simba and Nala? Now, we’ve moved on to P34, and the like.

Truly a tragedy for cub-naming conventions.

Earth Farts.

This is bad news in the sense of being news that is just bad. Once believed extinct, the coelacanth will now be listed as “Threatened” per the ESA (although it is an Indian Ocean native that does not venture near US waters). Prepare for coelacanth sashimi to become a much sought after delicacy in Japan.

*Man came from monkey,
Some folks say.
But the Good Book, Brother
Don’t tell it that way.

If you believe that monkey tale,
Like some folks do,
I’d rather be
That monkey than you!*
[indent]-- Tennessee Ernie Ford[/indent]

God made man, but he used a monkey to do it
Apes in the plan, we’re all here to prove it.
I can walk like an ape
Talk like an ape
Do what monkeys do
God made man, but a monkey supplied the glue

As I understand it, one of the reasons the paleontology world thought that the fish was extinct despite existing off the coast of Tanzania is that the locals thought it was a bad fish to eat (foul meat or too oily or somesuch). They’d been hauling them up occasionally for decades, but since it wasn’t eaten, they were simply tossed out and no paleontologists noticed that the fish they thought extinct was this uncommon but recurring bycatch.

This is what makes it effective. IIRC, rodents have evolved the habit of ingesting small amounts of any new food, and if it makes them sick they never go back to it. Warfarin doesn’t sicken, it just builds up increasing amounts of anti-coagulant until it’s fatal.

Those scumbags should be prohibited from having the word “Canada” in their name. Maybe with the demise of KXL and if Energy East gets shitcanned, these fuckers might have to find a less destructive line of business. Maybe they can go into loan sharking or something. Those other scumbuckets, Enbridge, were trying build the so-called Northern Gateway pipeline going the other way, to the west coast, and I think that one is now dead thanks to the new federal government.

The good news/bad news here is that though methane is a much more potent GHG than CO2, its atmospheric residency is much shorter, on the order of about 12 years. The bad news is, well, for CO2 it’s much longer, with a mean of about 100 years – more than enough time to instigate long-term feedbacks.

Large-ish spill of gasoline in Alabama, along the major SE area pipeline seems to be getting no coverage outside of the area.