Environmental Bad News of the Day:

What it says on the tin.

Mountain Lion Killed By Rodent Poison Near Los Angeles

Bio-accumulation of anti-coagulants, of all things.

Oh, excuse me, this is the Pit.

You stupid humans can’t even put an anti-coagulant on the market that doesn’t degrade as it moves up the food chain? You think you’re so clever! Good grief, you never should have come down out of the trees! Some of us animals are just trying to eat and we get this! This!!???

No, seriously, I had no idea that Warfarin did that. I guess I thought it more like cyanide, killing with acute exposure but otherwise digested. I don’t know why I thought that.

Note to self: no matter how hungry you are, do not eat the dead rat!

I’m sad that mountain lions were killed, but I’m not going to wish our ancestors never “came down from the trees”. If they could, the mountain lion would be very happy to kill and eat any one of us.

Do you not understand the problem with bio-accumulation and unintended consequences?

Well, not the green wobbly bit.

Yes. I just don’ think it rates as evidence we should still be swinging in the trees.

George of the Jungle! What’s not to like?! :slight_smile:

How about something a little more Pit worthy.

I’d be nice to keep petrochemicals out of Wisconsin water since I live here and drink the stuff.

Here’s one that hits close to home (my home)

The EnergyEast Pipeline, brought to you by TransCanada - the folks who finally got shut down on the Keystone XL.
Besides being a bad idea for pretty much all of it’s proposed route across Canada (the proposal includes using outdated natural gas pipelines for parts of it’s length. “We’ll fix them”, they say), it’s slated to terminate in St. John, New Brunswick - smack dab on the Bay of Fundy which is a unique and irreplaceable ecosystem(pdf) that feeds into the Gulf of Maine. The increase in mega oil tanker traffic alone is reason enough not to do it, not to mention the nightmare of a potential spill.

So NIMBY (literally) and not anywhere at all really. It’s time to stop this bullshit.

This is the Pit, I was being hyperbolic.

Stupid caveman.

Humans used to be tree-dwellers? That is just moronic. Anyone who thinks that should just go back to swinging in trees.

This is the thread I’m going to go to when I feel excessively cheerful. Like if I got some really good news about someone dear to me, and I need to get back to surly.

In the Pit the term is “hyperbollock”.

More lovely news from Southern California. Apparently the Aliso canyon natural gas leak has been going on for more than two months, dumping tens of thousands of kilograms of NG into the air every hour. One of the major components of NG is methane, a greenhouse gas that is much worse than CO[sub]2[/sub]. They are not expecting to get it under control for at least another month.

Billionaire Paul Allen of Microsoft has 2 dingies. The “Octopus” is a tad over 400 feet long, but it was elsewhere at the time; the 300’ Tatoosh was in the Caymans when it dragged an anchor chain across some sensitive coral, destroying about a third of an acre of the reef. It is not established whether the owner was onboard at the time (his football team had a playoff game a few days after this incident).

Meh. It’s only ethanol. Folks have been adding that to water to make it safe to drink for thousands of years. Just imagine you’re drawing a glass of vodka from your tap.


Say, if you’ve got mountain lions, coyotes and bobcats around . . . why set out rodent poison? Seems to me the rodents are taken care of.

I think the idea is that you would rather not have mountain lions, coyotes and bobcats around, so you wipe out your rodents as a way to create a dangerous-predator food-desert where you live. Because, you know, those things are scary.

And if the rodents are in your house, you probably don’t want a bobcat coming in to hunt.

Leopards can and regularly do climb trees, human’s evolutionary advantage is a particularly foul tasting flesh. It must be embarrassing to have ravenously hungry Great White Sharks spit you back out after one taste, as evidenced by a non-zero survival rate of such attacks. Humans are total hypocrites saying skunks stink …