Envy (?) me, and my $5 mp3 player. Also, suggestions for free MP3s, Please.

I covet all you ipods owners. I have a lot of CDs, and it would be so great if I could fit them all into a portable jukebox. However, currently, I can not afford one. You can believe my surprise when I saw this MP3 player at the local thrift store. Brand new in case from Target. They offend give their overstock and clearence items to Salvation Army stores. Only five bucks, too. But hmmm…. It’s built into a pair of headphones, it’s only 128 MB, you can’t physically swap out the media, no displayer, or access to folders, and you can’t feed a wire into it to use it as a pair of stand alone headphones. It might be one of those 75% dealies where even that is too much, because of the poor design., like those stupid Barbie PCs from a few years back . Then again, it might be a great deal, and some one else would buy it. Whelp, it is on 5, so I’ll take a chance. [suB](No returns allowed to The Salvation Army!)[/suB] What was that? Aw, never mind.

Anyway, it turns out to be this much , normally. I can’t find any reviews. However, while it has some downsides, (Such as: Good posture is bad for ear placement! Files don’t go in the right order!). I am able to overcome most of them by turning it up louder.

Currently, I have The Kleptones’s album

I ain’t linking to their homepage unless a passing mods says it’s ok, so please, don’t ask me to.

I also have the KLF’s The Timelords’single Doctorin’ The Tardis . All in all, it can hold 30 songs. More than I thought.

Barring any outside suggestions, I will probably erase these tunes soon, and load some 80s hits I have on CD. Nice to listen too, but I have heard them a million times. Thus, I would like to ask for suggestions of legal, and/or artist created songs available free over the Net.

Wait, I should say, legal in America, as opposed to not in Russia. I don’t even want to have to pay a nickel. These should be songs released on the artist’s web pages, or fanpages. This includes fan made tributes, btw. If you have doubts about posting a good link, however, simply email me instead, please.

Oh, what kind of music do I like? All kinds. Yes, even a little bit of country. Johnny Cash, to be specific. Just consider this a generic recommend good music thread, if you would be so kind.

. . . .
Wait, what if the player breaks down in a week? [suB] (No returns allowed to The Salvation Army!)[/suB] There it goes again!

Find something you like on an independent label and go to the label’s website. There’s a very good chance that they’ll have free mp3s available for download.

Oh I can’t resist. Go to town!


Or you might stop by http://suspended-in-gaffa.com

Indeed. In fact, I have done just that prior to my buying this device. However, I am looking for people to suggest what they like, and think I might like, and think I would like, based on very little in the way of hints, so as to ppen my horizons.

:smack: It looks like I am putting down what Equipoise suggested. No, I was replying to what ultrafilter said.

That like looks great. I am downloading Suspended In Gaffa 1 right now, along with a few c64 remixes.

If you are into any audiobooks of the classics, there is www.audiobooksforfree.com

Poetry, the Communist Manifesto, Sherlock Holmes stories and Edgar Allen Poe are some highlights.

Here’s a bunch of John Wesley Harding free mp3s fromhis website.

Check out Salon.com’s music section–they post free mp3s regularly, and there’s a whole set of playlists readers put together over the summer of (usually indie rock) free mp3s.

epitonic is also great for free music.

Check out the websites of your favorite artists–I find they usually have at least one or two free songs posted.

Oh cool! Tell me what you think. Please. I’ve gotten very little feedback about them.

“c64 remixes”?

Good, but not great. I am about to download the nect one in the list, btw.

Remakes and remixes of music from games designed for the commodore 64 and Amega computers. You can also find remixes of Nintendo game theme songs, Arcade games, and so on.

A great place for free MP3s is purevolume. Not every band on the site has MP3s, but a lot of them have them on their homepages instead, and nearly every band has a link to theirs.

Just click on random bands and give them a listen. The Vacancy is my favorite random find to date.