Envy me or pity me, but wish me luck

Yes, I’ve come full circle in my unemployment, and I’m about to apply for a job similar to one I first went after when I moved to NYC.

Porn magazine editor, for Crescent Publications.

On the bright side, the job would allow – nay, require that I look at pictures of reasonably attractive naked women all day long. My tastes don’t run to underweight cosmetics-displays with artificially enhanced tatties, but I can certainly manage. It’s a casual-dress office too, for those of us that will be wearing clothes.

On the down side, porn is the (forgive the pun) ass end of publishing, the sort of thing you’d rather not have on your resume. The pay tends to be low, and there’s little respect for the trade. People of your general level of experience always understand that you do what you must to pay the bills (I believe the illustrious Eve once held such a post, and forgive me if that’s slander), but higher-ups always look down their nose at you if they find out. Outside of the industry, I’m one step above criminal for some people.

All of this is academic at this point, since I haven’t even sent the resume yet, and I may not get the job. Wish me luck, and maybe I’ll comp you a few issues. :wink:

What you need here is a spin doctor. No matter how socially uncomfortable your job title is, with the right spin you can both enjoy your job and take a little pride in the title, too. For instance, “porn magazine editor” in the right hands becomes “freedom of expression enforcer”.

Or something. Anyhow, good luck!

It doesn’t sound like this is a job you want, for a lot of reasons. There must be other opportunities out there. Your point about not looking good on a resume is important; after a few jobs and years in the same thing it’s tough to break out.

Although, I confess a bit of jealousy.

Also, I’m eagerly awaiting the inevitable jokes in this thread.

Are you absolutely 100% sure you’ve exhausted all other avenues? I know you’ve been out of work for a while, and I certainly understand the desire to be working again, but it really sounds like you’re not too enthusiastic about it. I’m all for porn, but I understand that not everybody is so accepting of it. Prudes.

But if you do end up doing this, I second LifeOnWry’s suggestion to put the best spin on it you can. Defender of the First Amendment! Yeah, that’s it!

Good luck, hon. {{Marshall}}

LifeOnWry: You’re hired, mate. Though I am tempted to try “Pornographer,” “Panderer,” “Exploiter of Women,” and “Filth-Monger” for a while and see how that flies. Assuming I get the job, of course.

Bill H.: I’m not too enthusiastic about it. I’d enjoy the job, and possibly even have some minor beneficial effect on the quality of sex pubs in general. The pay is likely to be low, but it’s better than the $NO,THI.NG per year I earn now. I once said I’d never take a job from hunger, but I guess I just hadn’t been hungry enough yet.

And, just so you know, there really isn’t anthing else. Print media has been in a rut for well over a year, and mags are closing every week. My focus is technology, which is also in a serious decline. Combine the two, and I may as well learn how to work a fry basket. I’ve been out of work and collecting unemployment for almost 7 months. In that space of time I’ve sent out loads of resumes, and had perhaps 5 interviews. The market is oversaturated with experienced editors who can’t find work – the few companies who are hiring can pick and choose, and salaries are down from what they were 2 years ago.

Geobabe: Yes. Yes. And hearty thanks. {{Lise}} smooch

In how many other jobs will the first quote in your sig be relevant?

I just want to know if you get extra long bathroom breaks.

sigh I dig you people. :slight_smile:

One of my favorite online authors lists a job on her resume as an editor for the Penthouse Forum. She wrote an article about it and has put it WAY behind her.

Go get 'em.

If porn is to be produced, I’d rather have smart, conscientious people producing it.

So go on ahead.

P.S. If my husband sends you digital copies of some photos he took of me one weekend when Cranky Jr was at his grandparents, can we get any money out of the deal? That is, is yours a magazine for people who like slightly overweight and grossly pale broads with stretch marks and pimples on their ass?

Don’t be blue Cap’n (hey! unintentionally clever pun!) the first cartoons I ever got published and paid for were in some of the more…questionable mens magazines. And if porn is the ass-end of the industry, then the mags I sold filler cartoons for (Score, Cherry, Knockers) were the anus. Something better will coe from it.

Say, I’ve got a car payment due pretty soon. Keep my E-mail close, huh?

I’m just surprised that Eve held your post! If I asked nicely, do you think she’d hold my post?

[sub]Or do I have a reading comprehension problem?[/sub]

Will do, Inky.

Cranky, I hope there aren’t any smart, conscientious people applying for the job or I’m shit-outta-luck! Re: the photos – it’s hard to say without evidence. Why don’t you send me those pix in a plain security envelope, I’ll inspect them and get back to ya? :wink:

A word of retraction: Eve never did have that letters job at XXX Lesbian Piss Slaves, though she almost did – a better offer with a dull business magazine saved her from that tawdry life.

And Manduck, while I’m afraid I have to answer in the negative (and your reading comprehension is entertainingly skewed), I certainly wouldn’t have minded. She’s quite the looker, that Eve is.