Ephemera of the Rich and Famous

This stuff is ephemera: All of the random junk people create and soon after discard, like to-do lists, brief one-off notes, minor receipts, etc.

Of course, unless you’re dumpster diving, you won’t be able to post anything real. (And if you are in a postion to post something from the manicured mouth, it would still be a Very Bad Idea.) This is merely an outlet for our bottomless satire. Kinda like Somethingawful’s Photoshop Phriday, but with text instead of photoshopped (or GIMPed) images.

Eminem’s To-Do List: (Offense: anyone who takes a persona seriously.)

[li]Dis cocksuckers.[/li][li]Brunch with Elton John.[/li][li]Lyrically slap down hoes.[/li][li]Take Hailie to movies.[/li][li]Layeth the smack down on TRL wannabees.[/li][li]Deposit MTV residuals in Swiss acct.[/li][li]Hype 8 Mile (b3st h1p-h0ppa m00v3 3v4r!!).[/li][li]Racquetball with Dre.[/li][li]Clean out closet. (Note: buy extra garbage bags!)[/li][/ol]

Ben Affleck’s to-do list

  1. Buy the state of Montana for J-Lo
  2. Explain (1) to Matt
  3. Take in wig for wash and blow-dry
  4. Stop by “Entertainment Tonight”
  5. Go for drinks with Joe Millionaire after (4)
  6. Pick up “Sexiest Man Alive” cover at framer’s
  7. Oh, yeah, make a movie or something