Epic Wheel of Fortune Fail

Dude on Wheel of Fortune had to solve this:


He asked for a K.




A Group of Pill-Pushers

Another testament to the American educational system.

I thought of this one from South Park.

Annoying People.

With one letter left, I wonder why he didn’t try to solve it instead. Would have been entertaining to hear someone say that wrong.

Because spinning gets you more money. Which is the object of the game after all - to win money, not to solve puzzles.

Yeah, except that I’ve seen more than one contestant hit Bankrupt as they go for that one last spin…

Tomato, tomahto…

This guy from Indiana University had three epic fails in one episode.


Well sure it’s a risk, but considering that on a game show you’re by definition playing with house money, taking a risk isn’t a bad thing. Especially since the only way to get to the final puzzle where you can make serious cash is to have more winnings than the other 2 contestants.

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This guy from Indiana University had three epic fails in one episode.


Thanks all for the morning laughs. On the spot dice spins are that dudes a-chilly’s heel.

Game show contestants aren’t chosen for brains. Or not primarily.

nm, ninja’d

Are IU students?

Yet he won, so what does that say about the other two contestants?

Well, one was an Aggie and the other was from Tuscaloosa.

The funniest I saw was a contestant some time in the late 90s who had absolutely mastered the wheel: He was hitting the $10,000 space (a tiny sliver of a space a third the normal size, flanked by a pair of Bankrupts) on every single spin. But he never managed to get even one single letter right, so he never actually realized that $10,000.

A half-hour of the current Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? confirms this beyond any reasonable doubt.