Epigeal/Hypogeal germination??

Please can any plant science/horticulturisty type people help me? I am doing an assignment for college about germination in corn, peas and broad beans. For part of the assignment I have to say whether each of these seeds germinate by hypogeal or epigeal germination. Now I reckoned that pea and corn are both hypogeal, but as for the broad bean I’m not sure. I thought it was epigeal, but then I read a report on a website that said it was the same as for peas, which I thought were hypogeal! Confused? I am!!

Please, if you know about this stuff, share your wisdom and put me out of my misery!! I would get myself to the library but being Easter weekend it’s not open until Wednesday and I was kind of hoping to get this assignment done and dusted before then.

They’re all hypogeal.

You’re a star! Thanx!