Epinephrine shortage

I am a physician, and was attempting to order epinephrine. Several contacts told me that there is a national shortage. I did finally find some ampules, which is the least convenient form. But what is up with a national shortage of a simple molecule to produce? Some weird pressure from the epi-pen people who sell with a 10000x mark up? FDA screwup? I cannot find any information on google, except for the fact that the shortage exists.

Many years ago a friend was on a daily thyroid medication and her physician told her that a fire in the single factory producing the drug made the future availability a concern. He explained that there was plenty out there, but that there would likely be increased demand as people bought up as much as they could.

Could it be a manufacturing issue like that?

There are two websites I know that list drug shortages and the reason / likely resolution :

Site 1 - ASHP

Site 2 - FDA

I learnt about these site when I was looking for tetracycline last year - (Disclaimer - I have no formal knowledge of the medical sciences)