Episode III - Mr. Plinkett's review is up

Please, no “haters” in this thread. I have not had time to watch it yet, but I know a lot of us enjoy these reviews and his episode III one is now complete and on his site.

You can watch it here

Thoughts? I’ll share after I’ve seen it.

Thank god! I’ve been waiting seemingly forever for this. What a great start to the New Year-ish! Too bad I’m at the god damn airport and can’t watch it until tonight…if I’m lucky.

Christmas came late, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

Oh thank you man, time to roll (…one).

I like this review less than Attack of the Clones, and that one less than The Phantom Menace. Just because I feel like he said everything he needed to say in the earlier reviews. He got at the main problems with the PT in general already. By the time he gets to the Revenge of the Sith review he has pretty much said everything already, and now it is just more nitpicking of plot details and stuff. Like he spends a lot of time discussing the Obi-Wan/Anakin lightsaber fight, but he has already devoted time to that in the TPM and AotC reviews.

But still, I enjoyed watching all 3 reviews

Holy shit!

Thanks, I’ve been waiting. Looks like I’m finally going to get some enjoyment out of Episode III.

Just finished it.

Weakest review of any Star Trek or Wars movie, but it’s mostly because he has the least to say in it. He already tore apart Lucas and his attempts at prequels in the first two, so this just feels like “Oh yeah, and this one sucked mostly too.”

Still, he is dead on about how poorly and quickly framed the new movies are. Everyone is just walking and talking or sitting and talking.

I wonder what he’ll do now.

I suggest Matrix 2 and 3.

still waiting for Cop Dog

Why not the first.

While I agree he’s said a lot of this already, two very good points:

  1. Less whore-killing, and

  2. His observations about how scenes are shot are very true and very clever. He accurately, IMHO, explains the origina story as to why they’re so poorly blocked, and his use of the scene in Empire - the little expository scene between Vader and Admiral Piett - is very apt. That scene in Empire demonstrates more genuine filmmaking artistry than any scene I can think of in the prequels.

His idea for what the plot for the prequels should have been depressed the shit out of me. Where do we start a fund for getting those films made?

Gee I dont know what kind of program he uses but everytime I log on his personal site it wrecks havoc on my computer, would appreciate a youtube link.

That said, when he started to detail what should/could have been the clone army it’s incredible how it makes so much more sense than the Prequel Shitology version, and how much closer to the original trilogy’s spirit it would have been. Anybody can notice how the prequel stinks of cramming in stuff to fit or explain the original trilogy. And what you hear from prequel fans is “but Lucas couldnt do otherwise, he had to explain this and that”. BS, it could have been done with talent, but the Lucas of now isnt the Lucas of the seventies, that’s painfully clear.
Kudos to Plinkett’s use of making off footage, I dont know his real life skills as a director but he’s good at editing.

I like the first one and think it would be sort of like Episodes IV-VI in his Star Wars reviews, or the show Next Generation in his Star Trek reviews.


Just finished his review and I really enjoyed each of them. For me, his final section essentially wrapped up the whole series. I did not relate or imagine myself as any of the characters of the prequels. Many of the sequences shown I honestly cannot remember seeing.

With the scenes from the original movies, I still remember them and have that same feeling of awe I had when I saw them in the theater. I wanted to be Luke Skywalker. I did not want or care about any of the characters of the prequels.

I haven’t watched it yet but I am interested in what he has to say because I actually like this one.

I’ve always fantasized on Yoda, he looks like a screamer, I like that.

Lukas is Darth Vader.

He was initially good, but was frustrated that he didn’t have enough power. He lost his love. Then he went to the dark side, which gave him more power (money).

Dammit I’m out of pizza rolls. Off to the store.

Because “The Matrix” is a pretty good movie.

Actually, IIRC, Plinkett used a few scenes from TM as counter-examples of good story telling as opposed to the mess that Lucas dumped on us. For example, Neo is clearly established as an everyman protagonist to act as a proxy for the audience. This provided a legitimate reason for those scenes of exposition that introduced Neo (and us) to the world of the Matrix. It made a lot more sense within the context of the movie than those tedious scenes in the prequels where characters are constantly explaining things to each other that they already know. It’s only one example, but a telling one.

That said, I’d love to see his take on The Matrix 2 and 3. I enjoyed those movies a lot more than any of the prequels but I freely admit that they were muddled, over-ambitious failures.

NOT a “SW” fan, but his reviews are HILARIOUS!!! Wasted couple hours last nite watching it.