Episodes: Season 2 Showtime Series With Matt LeBlanc Starts Sunday!

Matt won a well deserved Golden Globe for his role on Episodes - a great, funny series on Showtime.
Season 2 begins Sunday on Showtime.
If you haven’t seen it, give it a try!

Brief rundown of season one:

A major US network decides to buy a hit series from the UK and bring the married couple writers to LA to re-create and write an “American” version. What was a great UK series about a headmaster at a school turns into a nightmare for this British couple as they see their work being ruined, piece by piece, word by word, and then (to their horror) find out that Matt LeBlanc (playing himself) has been cast to star in this US version of the show.

You might be able to find season one on Netflix or even OnDemand with Showtime - they are only half hour episodes, so you could probably watch the entire first season in about 3 hours or so.

At any rate - I am really looking forward to this - the first season was fantastic!

I had never heard of this show until i started seeing ads during season 3 of Nurse Jackie. I’m going to see if I can buzz through season 1 and join in the fun.

Thanks for the reminder about this show!